SwiftKey Beta Community Report 📲 POCOPHONE F1

As you may already know, recently, Swiftkey was acquired by Microsoft. This means nothing, but even more updates and better user experience to us. So, The very well known keyboard among Android users got a new beta update with version number It brings new emojis with more prominent details and saturated colors.

The next thing is the addition of a new toolbar button, which lets you change the keyboard layout easily from the keyboard, without the need to go to the settings. It is just a keyboard icon which you can enable by tapping on the three-dot menu button in the toolbar and toggling on the Layouts feature.

There are also three new languages supported: brx_RU: Буряад хэлэн (Buryat), unr_IN: मुंडारि (Mundari) and gsw_CH: Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss German). If you have an HTC phone or the Nexus 9 tablet, you are covered because, reportedly, there have been some performance issues on devices from this OEM, and they are now completely fixed.

Do you use Swiftkey? Would you recommend it to your friends and family? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment.

  • SwiftKey Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically learn your writing style, including the emoji you love to use (if you use emoji), the words that matter to you and how you like to type
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