Instagram Beta & Alpha Community Report 📲 Huawei P8, Android 6.0

Today, Instagram is rolling out polls through direct messages for some users. So, it lets you add the same poll sticker as you do in your stories, but now you can select who you want it to be sent to. You can also send them in group chats, but keep in mind that everyone in the group can vote and see the results right away. It's useful when you want to poll a small group of people, like your family members for a dinner party, or something similar.

Instagram wants its users to engage a lot with each other, and that's why it feels like it is trying to become a new replacement. By the way, the poll sticker has been available since last October, and then it was joined by the Emoji slider and the Question sticker. Do you like the path Instagram is going through? Let us know.

Source: The Verge

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