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Instagram is testing a slightly different design in the latest alpha updates

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Huawei P8, Android 6.0

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Instagram is doing server-side tests with swapped profile and DM icons, and a new emoji row in the comments section.

The DM icon is currently on the top right, while the profile icon is on the bottom right. It's understandable why Instagram does swap them - because people use the DMs more often than the profile switching. But this can also annoy some people because they will have to train their muscle memory to get along with the new changes.

If you have only one account, you'll see the old icon for the profile tab, but if you have multiple accounts - there is a new icon with two people in it.

The large camera button in the DMs may go away for good because they are replacing it with the standart bottom nav bar. The current one is quite redundant 'cause you can achieve the same thing with the '+' button at the top right and pre-sellecting who you want to send it to.

There is also a fresh quick access bar for emojis in the comments section of each post. They appear to be based on whatever you used recently, which Gboard has already been doing. It's useful for people who often use emojis, but it's also taking off from your precious screen space and can make it harder to scroll between a huge list of comments. It should be optional.

To conclude seems like Instagram is trying to catch-up Google in terms of the amount of server-side changes. While they are not bad, they introduce some confusion among users. What do you think?

Date: 02 Aug 2018
Author: Eray R

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