Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android Community Report

The popular messaging app Telegram X got an update to v0.20.10.957 Beta with the following changes, with our teardown confirming the official changelog that was released.


<string name="NoGifsToShow">No GIFs to show.</string>

<string name="NoGifsToShowInChannel">Published GIFs will be shown here.</string>

<string name="NoGifsToShowInChat">"Share GIFs in this chat and access them on any device you have."</string>

<string name="NoVoiceToShow">No voice messages to show</string>

<string name="NoVoiceToShowInChannel">"Published voice messages will be shown here."</string>

<string name="NoVoiceToShowInChat">"Share voice messages in this chat and access them on any device you have."</string>

Visual Changes:

  • View high-res GIFs at full speed without downscale in full-screen viewer (when you tap on a GIF) and in previews (when you hold it in GIFs tab).
  • Pause/play button when you play video.
  • "Silent Broadcast" setting in channels is now synchronized across all devices.
  • GIFs & Voice tabs in Profiles.
  • Rewind & restart GIFs in full-screen viewer.
  • Updated libtgvoip.

Additional Improvements:

  • Improved - Animation when you open media viewer
  • Improved - Color of the "Disconect All Websites" button
  • Improved - Style of "Reset Notification Settings" pop-up
  • Improved - Color of the slider in media viewer
  • Improved - Animation of the PiP play/pause button
  • Improved - GIFs playback stops when playing video or specific GIF in fullscreen mode for battery saving and playback performance
  • Fixed - "Mark as Read" button displays when it shouldn't
  • Fixed - Three-dot menu in sticker set pop-up
  • Fixed - Voice playback when playing through earpiece is set to "Always"
  • Fixed - "Create Link" in Media Captions
  • Fixed - Volume up/down work not properly after completing playing voice message through earpiece

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  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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