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WhatsApp Messenger is going to get new 'Mark as read' and 'Mute' notification shortcuts

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In 2018 WhatsApp Messenger got plenty of new features and updates like the new group settings and hiding media from your gallery, but that's not it. According to WABetaInfo and the teardown they did of WhatsApp Messenger v 2.18.214, the app is going to get two new features:

  • a 'Mark as read' notification button
  • a 'Mute' notification button

With these two buttons, you'll be able to do the actions they're named after quickly and more conveniently. By pressing the 'Mark as read' button you will give the sender of the message those two famous blue ticks. Also, the current way to mute a contact or a group is by heading into the app, pressing and holding on the chat in question and then tapping on the resulting 'Mute' icon at the top.

Note: These features are still in early development, so expect them to come later this year, because they have to be improved, before going to a public release.

Source: WABetaInfo

Date: 13 Jul 2018
Author: Eray R

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