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(UPDATED) Telegram X updated again with clickable usernames in sticker packs

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Today here's yet another Telegram X beta update bumping the version number to, which brings the following changes and bug fixes:

  • Clickable usernames in the sticker pack names
  • Delete inline bots from the recents list (@)
  • When you click on a hashtag from a channel, it will be searched among the channel messages
  • Improved - terminate session / terminate all sesions pop-up style - You can find it in Settings - Privacy and Security - Active Sessions - Terminate All Other Sessions.
  • Improved - slightly increased the distance needed to open a chat preview
  • Fixed - Hashtags deletion from the recents list (#) doesn't work properly
  • Fixed - Swipe-to-remove conflict in the sessions list
  • Fixed - Swipe up to open a chat preview doesn't work when actions for the chat are unavailable
  • Fixed - Crash when trying to add the 1000th account

Updated TDLib version:

  • Fixed - messages with inline keyboards are not editable
  • Fixed - text URLs are missing from the shared links
  • Fixed - several rare crashes
  • Fixed - freezing possibility between instance restarts

Also there's a message from the developers of the app on Telegram X's Official Channel:

"It seems that now only messages with inline keyboards became editable. 😬 Be aware. The fix will come later today with a TDLib update, but yet imagine that few other very popular messengers somehow still exist without this feature"


So expect another update later today with a fix for the messages editing issue explained above and Ciao!

PS: Please, improve the file downloading speed because it's very slow (Maybe you can implement multi-threaded downloading).

Date: 09 Jul 2018
Author: Eray R

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