Telegram X Beta - Alternative client for Android Community Report

First, let's see what the fixed issues are (most of them are cosmetic):

  • Fixed Separator style in pop-up menu
  • Fixed Separator style above message input
  • Fixed Incorrect "Sync Contacts" hint
  • Fixed Groups in Common on secret chats profile
  • Fixed Chat previews touch handling / status bar overlapping on Samsung Galaxy S8,S8+,S9,S9+
  • Fixed Incorrectly trimmed message input placeholder
  • Fixed link content may be treated as markdown tags

There are also near a dozen of features/changes introduced. Here they are:

  • Mark chats as unread / read - You can access it by holding down your finger on a chat and then moving it to the letter icon at the bottom, and then releasing it.
  • Open chat preview by swiping up - Hold your finger on a chat for a preview and then swipe up to open it.
  • Reorder pinned chats UX change - You can hold your finger on an avatar and then swipe up or down to reorder.
  • Unread counter type: choose between number of messages and number of chats - You can find the option in Settings - Notifications.
  • Moved Link Previews in Secret Chats setting to: Settings - Privacy and Security - Secret Chats.
  • Clear Payment and Shipping Info - It's in Settings - Privacy and Security
  • Suggest Contacts toggle - It's also in Settings - Privacy and Security
  • Changed style of "Delete Synced Contacts" pop-up
  • Create Link through GUI (select text, then press link icon)
  • Improved censorship circumvention

Also the app size is now 20% smaller, it uses less storage and launches a bit faster. These are very good improvements, so expect more to come in future.

  • An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features
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