Millijoin beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This app is like a local network where you can ask nearable people for help in case if you need any and chat with them. I am located in the small town in Italy and right now there is no one around, which is expected. I do believe that it might be better in big cities.

Device: Samsung galaxy note 4, Android 6.0.1


Empty spaces are not trimmed in the phone number

  • This app requires a phone verification and the user can enter a phone number with spaces. The user will not get a confirmation code in this case. Entered phone number should be trimmed.

Two loading animations are shown after the Facebook login

  • Check screenshot.

In the message "0 meters away" on the alert screen it is not very clear who is away from what

Long text messages were silently deleted automatically from the chat

  • steps - open app - press on the chat button - tap on the edit text field - enter more then 1000 characters - press enter
  • expected - the message is sent and displayed or the user should see a char counter and a validation error message after the submitting.
  • actual - the message is sent and deleted after several milliseconds. Check the video.

App crashes in the onStop state from the code verification screen

  • occurrence - once
  • steps - open app for the first time - login with Facebook - enter mobile phone number - press verify button - see an edit text form for the confirmation code - press home button
  • additional steps - open another app which is trying to access Google play services (might be unrelated)
  • expected - app finishes it's background tasks
  • app crashed. Check crashlogs by TestingCatalog

Alert and chat buttons are not accessible with slow internet connection

  • it might be a problem in urgent situations. It will be better if the user can send a message in any conditions, which will be send when connection gets better.

Unknown photo is displayed on the profile screen (swipe up)

  • check screenshot, this photo is not my and it is not clear where it comes from.

App tutorial is shown after the second login even if it was shown already

Flick app button on the drawer menu should open a Google play intent in case if Flick ap is not installed

I like an app design in general. The purpose of the app is a bit questionable, may be there should be at least some kind of a chat bot who can answer some pre defined questions. This can make the user feel a bit less lonely.

  • Millijoin aims to create a safer world by making it easier and faster for people to support each other real-time
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