Telegram Beta - Pure instant messaging Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

App version 4.8.10 (13050)

With a new beta update for Telegram app, users can set up a 2-factor authentication for Telegram Passport. Telegram passport supposed to be used with an upcoming TON cryptocurrency. For now, it allows you to set up a secure account and store your personal data there.

You can find a new passport feature in Settings > Privacy and Security > Telegram Passport.

Possible entries: Phone number, Email, Personal details, Passport, Internal Passport?, Passport registration, Temporary registration, Identity card, Driver licence, Address, Utility Bill, Bank statement, Tenancy agreement.

Unofficial changelog

  • TON passport support.
  • Hyperlinks can be set to the text.
  • Long tap on the chat gives a new "Mark as read" menu option.
  • Long tap on the chat profile pic shows a preview of unread messages.
  • Played media files now can be played with 2x speed.
  • [?] Sent media file now can be changed.

Additional info: Regarding Telegram Passport: The feature might be available to you in the beta version, but it's possible that it somehow disappears again, even after you used it and added documents etc. Remember: It's beta and not yet officially released.

More screenshots:


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