Vluff - The Vlog Community & Directory beta Community Report 📲 Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0

This is a platform where you can suggest and discover new video bloggers. I like the fact that you can look around the app without login. There is also a cool thing that you can easily check vlogger accounts in other social media.

Many things are done in the in-app browser so you don’t have to leave the app.

Some notes:

  • No swipe controls available to switch between tabs on the main screen. UI vice it was my first action after I landed on the main screen. It is not necessary at all but it will improve the first impression a lot.
  • As I mentioned, the user can open vlogger social media accounts in the in-app browser. However, I would prefer to do that in native Twitter, Instagram, Google+.. apps. This was my user perspective but from the Vlog product side, I would A/B test the impact of such behaviour first b/c you might not want users to open another app.
  • On the suggested screen, the user can search for the youtube account and select it. After tapping on the found account, a select option will disappear and account name will be fulfilled in the search bar. It is not very clear for the user that account was selected properly (avatar disappeared and it feels like search result was reset).
  • On the profile page with a list of suggested channels, it is not very clear what number on the right side of the suggested channel means (for example if you suggested only one channel and it has 10 subscribers).
  • Some vlogger descriptions contain long URLs, I didn’t find a long enough URL in existing profiles but it might worth checking that very long URS are displayed fully and correctly. They simply can go outside of the screen.


The user can see preloading animation and blank selector with the empty query.

  • steps - open app - press on the + bottom tab - type “T” - press backspace on the keyboard immediately
  • expected - loading animation disappeared, blank selector disappeared
  • actual - both are shown

"Update profile" doesn’t show updated data anywhere and resets text fields for some accounts.

  • steps - open app - open profile tab - open settings - press update profile - fill edit text fields - press OK - tap on the update profile again
  • expected - filled data stays there and the user can see that it was saved
  • actual - the filled data is gone, there is no other place where the user can see this data changed.
  • I tested it two times with two different accounts and it worked fine with the account which has more profile data. An account testingcataloghelp@gmail.com had this problem even on the second attempt.

About / FAQ menus stop working if email intent was opened before.

  • steps - open app - open profile tab - open settings - press About - close fragment - tap on the Feedback - press back button - press About again
  • expected - About fragment is opened
  • actual - About menu item doesn’t react

Push notification settings were not saved for the testingcataloghelp@gmail.com account

  • steps - open app - open profile tab - open settings - open notifications - change any check box - press back - button - open notifications again
  • expected - notification check box is in the same state
  • actual - notification checkbox state was reset to the default

I also like an app idea in general. I am curious what is going to be a monetisation strategy for this app.

Happy Testing!

  • Vluff puts vloggers into categories making them easier for you to discover
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