Memory Maniac beta - User should identify the word and open tiles in the order of the letters

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  • Memory maniac beta report

    Date: 04 Sep 2017
    Author: Alexey S

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    Memory Maniac beta Report

    Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0; Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1

    In this game you suppose to remember simbols to be able to open them in the right order later. There are three levels there, with 3, 6 and 9 simbols.


    • Game closed itself after the first opening. It can be also related to the bad internet connection and it took me around 6 attempts before it started working.
    • The user can see "level 3" after the first opening (which means that it is a easiest level with 3 simbols). It may be confusing because usually the user will expect to start from the level one.
    • It is not clear how to play at the beginnig. There is a how to play section, which is good. However, having level 6 as a default level might be helpful because it will give the user an idea that he supposes to form the word and not just remember simbol's positions.

    Did it work for you?

    P.S. I like an error message here (screenshot)