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  • Telegram beta 4.8.0 (1204) universal update

    Date: 06 Feb 2018
    Author: Jurij S

    100% Upvoted

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    Screenshot I
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    Telegram Beta Report

    The device used for test: One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)


    Update list:

    1. New: automatic and scheduled night-theme
    2. Logged with Telegram (might be not available for everyone)

    A version of the app:

    4.8.0 (1204) universal armeabi-v7a armeabi

    Working new feature: I used schedule mode and set up time when to change automatically default theme to dark (12:00 > 12:01), works perfectly! I like.

    How to find:

    • App icon > left bar menu > button settings > tab settings > theme > auto-night mode > disabled/scheduled/automatic + brightness threshold.

    Not working new feature:

    Logged with Telegram (this button is not located in menu settings, see my screenshots).