Battery Quick: 3X Supercharger + Sweep Clean beta - Battery Quick supercharger + sweep clean speeds up the charging process by intelligently optimizing your power consumption, resulting in super-fast charging speeds!

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  • Battery quick beta report

    Date: 01 Sep 2017
    Author: Alexey S

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    Battery Quick: 3X Supercharger + Sweep Clean beta Report

    Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0; Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1

    There are many similar apps in the play store and their purpose is mostly ads displaying or collecting user data. There are some apps who are actually doing something helpful. However, as a user, I cannot trust them just b/c they are telling me about "background" improvements.

    The same here - this app tells you that it is doing something in the background (even if it is specifying what exactly). I would expect to see at least some numbers before and after which I can compare. In the same time, charging speed can be usually increased via the stock setting on many devices. If this app aims to achieve that result differently, I would like to know how.

    Anyway, my main goal here is to give some comments about the UI, b/c the core functionality is very questionable and will require a lot more time for testing (+ I would also like to decompile its code to see what is it actually doing)


    • The UI on charging and settings tabs look different - logo, paddings, dockbar.
    • Back button closes app without asking the user and it doesn't return back to the previous screen.
    • Settings tab has only a list of device settings shortcuts. Not sure why this duplication of the stock feature should be useful.
    • There are not actionable buttons on the home screen. Battery icons look like buttons, but it is not possible to click on them.

    I don't expect this app to be improved but I want to make sure that as an app developer you can pay attention to those kinds of issues in your app.