4k Video Editor Beta - An intuitive video editor

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  • First experience in this app, thoughts, suggestions for Wize Video Editor

    Date: 04 Feb 2018
    Author: Jurij S

    Report Value: 100 %

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    4k Video Editor Beta Report

    The Device used for test:

    One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)



    • Minimalistic design
    • Lack of sign-in process which makes start of app quicker
    • Navigation buttons placed in correct place


    • Right bar menu buttons when editing picture is bugged, sometimes filters don't work or just same when I switching between them
    • App icon doesn't give general hint about inside abilities of app
    • Adding soundtrack to picture isn't understandable when I use it or how to relate it


    • Work more wisely on app icon
    • Fix thous filters and effects which user may use in-app, they don't work correctly
    • Add some tutorial when first lunch of app or hints inside settings