Feed the Spider Beta - Play Pin the Bugs with this scary Black Widow Spider this Halloween season!

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  • First experiense in this game, thoughts, suggestions

    Date: 31 Jan 2018
    Author: Jurij S

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    Feed the Spider Beta Report

    A device used for test: One plus one (android 6.0.1)


    App icon: Gives general view of gameplay inside, good designed (nothing to change)

    First Launch of the game: I didn't catch the tutorial in-app or some prehistory (short tale which will motivate user to get to the end)


    • User-friendly design
    • Nice colors used in app
    • Instinctive navigation
    • Understandable game process


    • Tutorial and short tale story with dialogs could be added between levels
    • It's uncomfortable to change coats to the main character from game process menu, it should be replaced to main menu (customization button)

    Bugs: buttons "share" & "watch videos for free coins" doesn't work

    Strange things in the app:

    1. I'm stuck at 12 level (too difficult)
    2. Sometimes loading from settings to the main screen takes 6-10 seconds (green leafs picture)