crickfever Unreleased - Welcome to Cricket Online - Witness and play the first of its kind, free 2 play, multiplayer turn based strategy card game based on Cricket

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  • Crickfever unreleased Unity game, Smoke Testing Tour

    Date: 22 Jan 2018
    Author: Alexey S

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    crickfever Unreleased Report

    Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0; Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1

    This a Cricket 🏏 unity game with a nice graphic. It requires Play Games to work.

    This is just a short 10 minutes smoke test of this game.

    APK file size is big - 74mb. It would be better to have a post-install assets loading, this will affect installs conversions a lot. It is also a good practice to specify how much space the game will take in the description.

    Back button doesn't work in the game and in the menu.

    Team menu screen doesn't fit the device width, it is possible to see a part of the left side screen (Screenshot).

    It is hard to distinguish players cards because they look all the same.

    The gameplay was quite obvious even for me (I don't know cricket rules). However, you will need to know more about the game than me to be able to win :)