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  • Lawnchair snowfall feature and beta update v1.1.0.1742

    Date: 10 Dec 2017
    Author: Alexey S

    Report Value: 100 %

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    Lawnchair Launcher beta Report

    Google Pixel XL 2, Android 8.1.0; Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1

    Lownchair released a new update which made Lawnfeed crash (screenshot). Apparently, this is a known issue and developers are working on it.

    However, this update includes an update for the Snowfall feature. It is the second advent (the second Sunday) today and it is the best time for it!

    I was working on another test report today, but after seeing this changelog I decided to postpone it and do this small feature overview.

    What is Snowfall - it is a snow animation on your home screen! and since this update, you can customize a frequency and the size of it. You just need to open a launcher settings menu and enable it. I didn't check a battery consumption yet but maybe I will add this info later.

    Enjoy the snowfall!

    Some update context

    What's New

    Happy 2nd Advent! Changelog since last release:

    • Fixed translations for some languages
    • Added more options for snowfall

    Tweet us screenshots of your home screen setup on Twitter with the hashtag MoarSnow to @lawnchairapp and share some love to @divadsn for bringing the snowfall feature for you. (Actually, we initially thought it would be a dumb idea)