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  • Snapchat 10.40.xx.x updates summary

    Date: 03 Sep 2018
    Author: Eray R

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    Snapchat Beta for Android Report


    As some of you may already know, Snapchat for Android is about to get a huge re-make. A couple of weeks ago it was discovered that they are testing a new UI and now are building upon it. There are a total of three new features that may catch your attention, so let's begin with the first one:

    • Adaptive icons

    Adaptive icons are supported on Android 7.1 and above and they are Google's way of making things simple and keeping uniformity across the UI by allowing the user to choose the desired icon shape (Not customizable in some OEM ROMs). Snapchat has added all of the necessary assets to support this feature in v10.40.2.0 Beta but, currently, it isn't working as intended. We were able to combine the included assets for icon foreground and background and you can see from the images how they are going to look.

    • The new 'Bounce' feature

    This one is quite simple but very useful. It allows you to loop any portion of a video Snap. Let's say you just took the best Snap ever of your friend, who is jumping in a pool. You can loop the part where the water splashes to emphasize on it, thus immortalizing the moment.

    • SnapMap

    In previous versions, SnapMap was nowhere to be seen when the new UI was on. Now it's back and works a lot faster. To people who don't know what it is, it's a map, which shows you where all of your friends are and lets you share your location with them.

    To summarize. Snapchat is indeed trying to get back its old fame because Facebook and Instagram have added all of its unique features, rendering it just like a copycat, or one of all. Looks like Snap.Inc is working hard this year trying to make things faster. so let's wait and see if everything goes to plan for them.