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  • WhatsApp Messenger's 'Mute' shortcut is now official

    Date: 17 Jul 2018
    Author: Eray R

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    WhatsApp Messenger beta Report

    Huawei P8, Android 6.0

    As it was reported by WA Beta Info, there were two updates for WhatsApp Messenger in the past week with two new features that we are going to talk about. As you remember, we spoke about the notification shortcuts that were in the works by the WhatsApp team and one of them is available now in v2.18.216+.

    You guessed it! It's the 'Mute' button and here is how it works. You'll be able to see it when you get 51+ messages from the same person or a group chat. The future plans of WhatsApp point out that until you get 51+ messages, you will see the 'Mark as read' button and after crossing that number - the 'Mute' button.

    The next additions are the new stickers coming with v2.18.218 beta which are still not officially released. Whenever there is a sticker update, you will see a green dot on the "+" button, so please be patient and watch out for that green dot.

    Are you excited about the brand new Mute shortcut and the new stickers that are coming out soon?