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  • Microsoft Launcher v4.11.0.44176 adds a Family card feature and many improvements

    Date: 12 Jul 2018
    Author: Eray R

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    Microsoft Launcher Beta (Arrow) Report

    Huawei P8, Android 6.0

    This time we're going to check out Microsoft Launcher v4.11.0.44176 and the improvements it comes with:

    • Family: parents can show/hide kids in the Family card - It gives you the option to check in on your kids. You can enable it by heading to the far-left page and hitting the Customize feed button. After that, you will see it in the Hidden cards section where you'll have to press the Show button.
    • Improvements to reading news articles with Microsoft Edge browser
    • Toggle to hide page indicator on the home screen - It's self-explanatory.
    • Cortana: supports multi-turn SMS + calling
    • UI improvements: a welcome page, settings page, widgets & context menu
    • Support for removing screens in overview mode via drag & drop

    Here is my two cents:

    • The animations are overwhelming - they're nice, but too slow (laggy). Also, the UI is far from Material designed and it creates an inconsistency across Android's whole UI design principles.
    • Enabling Cortana is a bit tricky. I had to install it, set it as a Default assistant, give it all the necessary permissions, whenever it asked - randomly. Also to make it work from the homescreen, I had to wait like 20 minutes 'till it decided on it's own to download language data packs. It's actually useful, but not nearly as polished as Google Assistant.

    A glitch: When scrolling up and down quickly, the app icons in the app drawer at the top 2-3 rows are showing on top of each other - like twice, but in different places. You can see it in the video. I just can't explain it.

    That's it for now. If you have any issues with Microsoft Launcher, please go ahead and make a report on Testing Catalog

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