The long-awaited dark mode that has been in the works since the beginning of 2019 is reportedly rolling out to all signed beta testers. Yes, that's right! WhatsApp's latest beta update (version 2.20.13) on the Google Play Store comes bundled with the option to turn on dark mode.

Hints about WhatsApp for Android getting dark mode have been all over the place the past year or so. Now that it's been some time, enabling the long-awaited dark theme option is finally doable, though with a catch. For starters, having root access is mandatory.

WhatsApp continues working on "Delete Messages" feature which is a new name of "Disappearing Messages" revealed by WABetaInfo in the past.

The feature allows users to set chat messages to be removed after a certain period of time. This feature can be considered as "Cloned from Snapchat" where it was one of the essential features available from the beginning. Is it an attempt from Facebook to keep the young audience on the platform?

The dark mode is not there yet but this one of the first elements of it which you can try by yourself right now. If you will turn dark mode on your device, WhatsApp will automatically change the background wallpaper of your chat to dark. This feature is available in WhatsApp beta v2.19.327

This time WhatsApp team took an interesting approach to release just a part of the feature and not full dark mode support as it was with Instagram for example. Does it mean that Instagram has a better codebase that is easier to change?

WhatsApp for Android continues its internal testing of Dark Mode support according to a recent report from @wabetainfo It is important to mention that it is not available to anyone yet and all screenshots were discovered via APK reverse-engineering.

According to shared screenshots, there will be a "Theme" section in settings with 3 options - "Light", "Dark" and "System Default". This looks like a very standard dark mode feature implementation which you can find in many other apps already.

Group calling in WhatsApp Messenger has been around for quite a while now, and with the newest update released for the app, it becomes a lot simpler. Before giving you all of the details about it, below is the changelog for version 2.19.118 that has been posted on the Play Store and on which you should take a glimpse at.

What’s new

  • It’s now easier to start group voice and video calls. Just tap the call button in groups or select "New group call" when starting a new call in the calls tab. Group calls support up to 4 participants.

As said in the release notes for the aforementioned update, it is now much easier to start a group call. You have to go to the calls tab, hit the green FAB button below, select the participants and then choose whether you would like to start a voice call or do a video chat instead. The maximum number of participants allowed in group calls is four, the caller included.

This feature is currently in a staged rollout so it may take some time for it to hit your devices. Meanwhile, please, be patient and stay tuned to TestingCatalog for our daily update reports and valuable tips for app testers.

Source: Google Play

There have been numerous rumors flying around the Internet about WhatsApp bringing a dark mode since last year, and yet here we are finally with proof. As you may know, @WABetaInfo is the guy who loves tearing down WhatsApp updates and posts his findings online. His latest discoveries do come for version 2.19.82 beta update and consist of screenshots that showcase the upcoming and currently work-in-progress dark theme for WhatsApp's Android app as well as one more not so exciting feature.

Dark mode

The current implementation of dark/night mode, as shared, is still in development and there is no easy way to enable, though, @WABetaInfo has been able to successfully get it working. The screen grabs posted on his blog clearly show that WhatsApp is betting on a very dark background color and not black, which, I am sure, many of you would prefer instead. Also, those are only for the settings portion of the app, thus, so far we do not know how the chats would look like.

Audio filenames

Starting with version 2.19.82 beta, the app now displays audio filenames in chat threads. Those do appear inside message bubbles with attached audio files on them and below the corresponding progress bars.

Discovered by @WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is indeed in a testing phase for two new features in the latest beta versions of their Android app. The corresponding updates have build numbers 2.18.362 and 2.18.363, with the most up-to-date one at the time of writing being v2.18.364, which has not introduced any notable changes that we are certainly aware of.

Consecutive voice messages

Let's say that someone has sent you two or more voice messages in a row. Whenever you hit the play button to start listening to the first one, with this feature set in place, the WhatsApp app will go ahead and play all of the other voice messages in the particular chat that are consecutive, without you needing to start each and all of them manually. Other than that, it will give a short audio signal to notify you when a voice message has ended, before switching to the next one in the queue.

There are two types of different tones for this quick alert here: one of them takes place when a voice message has been played back and there is another one coming up, with the second type confirming that there are no any other messages to be played. So, this is exactly why the name "consecutive voice messages" has been chosen. Albeit that WhatsApp users on IOS already have it with v2.18.100, we - Android users will have to wait for a while until it hits the shelves.

A new group call shortcut

Making group calls in WhatsApp has always been a tragedy. Seems like a fix for it is finally showing up on the horizon, or rather a relief for some, as in the works is a new shortcut coming to groups, tapping on which will ask you who do you want to call from the group and do you want to make a voice call, or a video call instead. Previously, to start a group call, users had to call one person, and later on add other participants.

All of the upcoming features that we talked about are still in active development, so stay tuned to be informed about the time that they get officially released.

Screenshots: @WABetaInfo

Source: - Link 1, Link 2

WhatsApp is a feature-rich messaging app. but the issue with it is that its design is dated and it lacks support for a dark mode. Based on an information released by @WABetaInfo on Twitter - the person, who often does teardowns of the app, it looks like there are references for a dark mode in the works, which will come for both IOS and Android.

By this date, we do not have any other evidence, but [@WABetaInfo] proved to be a well-known leakster and the infos he shares are legit. He has also shared a dark mode concept for WhatsApp on IOS which looks dope. You can check it out from his tweet.

So, I guess, using WhatsApp at night will be much easier on your eyes. What do you think? Let us know down in the comments below.

How to report bugs for WhatsApp from the app

  1. Open the WhatsApp application.
  2. Hit the three-dot menu button and select Settings.
  3. Tap on 'Help' and then choose 'Contact us' from the list.
  4. Then you will see a text box, which you can use to describe the problem you are facing, and the three '+' signs for adding screenshots. The app automatically sends logs too.
  5. Hitting the 'Next' button at the top right will redirect you to your e-mail client to finally send the report.

How to report issues online

You can give feedback directly on WhatsApp's official support e-mail at

How to become a WhatsApp Messenger beta tester

You can read our guide on "How to become a WhatsApp Messenger beta tester on Android" from this link.

The WhatsApp Messenger app is very popular and has a huge user base. It's good that they have implemented a very straight-forward bug reporting method, which also includes the ability to attach screenshots and logs.

IMPORTANT: WhatsApp beta program is currently full and it is not possible to join it until WhatsApp dev will increase the limit. Please contact WhatsApp devs directly regarding the beta limit (Updated 30.10.2019).

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To leave the beta program, you have to hit the 'Leave the program' button on the web sign up page or the 'Leave' button within the Play Store.

As you already know, one of the most popular IMs is WhatsApp Messenger and its user base is growing every single day. Because of that, WhatsApp has to support thousands of different devices and here comes the beta program. It's aimed at testing and squashing every single bug that's there to give the best experience to the end user.

Server-side feature rollouts

Just like Google, Instagram and Facebook, the WhatsApp app is getting some new features, which are being released for A/B testing before the official launch. It lets developers test their code without the need of the user to update the application. It's also easier to analyze and add minor changes.

You can track all changelog updates and version changes on the WhatsApp beta updates page on [TestingCatalog] ( If you are interested in some deeper insights and new feature previews, you should follow our Community reports for WhatsApp beta to stay in touch with unreleased features and upcoming changes.