Waze for Android is an app for navigation that gives users real-time information about the traffic conditions in areas around them, or for the routes they choose. It warns for possible roadworks, police, accidents, and so on and it can even automatically change your route based on the aforementioned reasons.

Additional features it includes are:

  • Playing music and podcasts right from Waze via Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and more.
  • ETAs about when you will arrive at a particular destination.
  • Suggestions for stations that offer cheaper gas.
  • Android Auto support.
  • A variety of different assistant voices.

How to join the Waze open beta

  • Tap on the 'Beta test on Google Play' button down below.
  • Next, hit the similarly named option in the sign-up form on Google Play.
  • Now go ahead and install or update to the the newest beta release.

All and all, this is a great app and may come in handy for those moments when time is crucial and you do not want to waste it on the road, instead of being with your family and friends. And as a bonus it is completely free of charge.

Source: Google Play