Uber is an app for finding quick and affordable rides, or in other words, a taxi service on steroids.

Its latest beta version with build number 4.249.10002 is indeed packing a couple of noticeable user interface changes, so, next time you open the app, look out for them.

Thanks to the folks at Android Police, we got a first-hand glimpse at what is coming to Uber for Android and we are going to share some here. Keep in mind that those changes are being rolled out gradually via a server-side switch, so updating to the latest APK does not guarantee anything.

The one major revamp is with the UI for selecting rides. Instead of having to scroll sideways to select a ride option, you can now scroll vertically to do the same action. This makes it easier for users who have devices with 18:9 and taller aspect ratio displays to choose a ride. Also, the button for scheduling rides next to the one for confirmation has been made a little more prominent.

You can join the beta program for Uber from the beta section below and if you would prefer to, you can sideload manually the newest APK available on Apk Mirror.

Uber v4.249.10002 beta on APK Mirror

Via: Android Police