The latest set of Telegram X beta updates, from build to .1105, have been made official for all Google Play beta testers and are bringing around dozens of fixes as well as a couple of great new features. Perhaps, before going too deep into those, here are the changelogs for the releases that we mentioned in a combined fashion.

What's new beta

Redesigned internal application architecture from scratch. Reliable notifications and lower battery usage. Rolling out for 100% users (yolo).


  • Dramatically improved notifications reliability.
  • Reduced battery and network usage in the background
  • Reduced multi-account resource usage. Even if you use 10+ accounts, everything should work as smooth as if you'd have only one account.
  • Improved application launch speed
  • Must-not-be-named-feature. Don't tell anyone about it, or it will disappear.
  • Notifications now will work even if system restricts network access in the background
  • Improved Passcode: Instant Auto-Lock, Allow read-only notifications, hold lock button to enter Passcode settings
  • If the application crashes on launch, next time you launch it, it will show the recovery screen with a guide on how to get the issue fixed. beta

Fixed crashes and bugs only

Fixed several bugs on a very old "Add to Group" screen, such as:

  • When you receive messages in other types of chats, they get displayed anyway.
  • If there are too few groups at the beginning of the main chats list, loading progress may get stuck. beta

  • Crash fixes for users with custom themes
  • Fixed streaming for voice messages (it's now available for 1MB+ voice messages, like in previous versions)
  • Fixed crash while managing the TDLib lifecycle
  • Fixed must-not-be-named-feature while playing music
  • Fixed Keep Media setting
  • Fixed incorrect automatic storage clearing file size limit
  • Other crash fixes beta

  • Another TDLib lifecycle management fix beta

Updated TDLib:

  • Notifications won't reappear after dismissing them
  • Groups in the Common list now update more often (once when the number changes and once an hour)
  • Push notification handling improvements
  • Separated inline results cache for channels / other chats
  • Empty chats no longer affect badge counter
  • Fixed a crash
  • Added debug info for some unresolved crashes beta

  • Improved notifications reliability
  • Improved image cache
  • Fixed rare crash while finishing audio playback
  • Fixed rare crash while navigating & playing some video messages

Performance enhancements

The "internal architecture" of the app has been redesigned from scratch, thus promising a huge speed boost and lower battery usage overall. From a performance standpoint, things may not be easily distinguishable from the get-go if you have a recently released flagship device, but those with lower-end Android phones would certainly feel the difference. Other than those, many small bug fixes have been done to provide you with even more stable user experience, completely free of annoyances.

Chat filters

The Must-not-be-named-feature" in the changelog that you should tell no one about is the option to switch between personal chats, groups, etc. from the main chat page. It has finally arrived and surely, this is something that many would appreciate, including myself. So, to switch between different types of chats you have to hold your finger on the 'CHATS' text in the header for a split second and then swipe down without lifting your thumb up. After you have selected the desired option from the drop-down menu, you may do release it. This is a relatively simple task but at the same time measly noticeable. What I mean by that is that you will never know it existed there because there are no hints pointing out to it.

Instant Auto-Lock

The next addition in one of these betas is a setting allowing you to instantly lock Telegram X with the built-in lock feature once you leave the app. It can be set that way from the 'Passcode Lock' settings page in the 'Privacy and Security' section inside the settings, or by long-pressing the new lock icon in the action bar (if requiring a passcode is enabled.)

Read-only notifications

One more new thing is read-only notifications. Basically, anyone can read your incoming messages, but will not be able to interact with them. For example, the direct reply feature will not be usable and the 'Mute' option too.

The stable update with the features and fixes we wrote about supposedly will go out this weekend, but for those eager people like us - you can apply for testing from the beta section for Telegram X below if you are on a desktop, or from the 'Application' page for mobile users. Otherwise, you can grab the newest APK from our telegram-android-beta channel dedicated especially for TG news and install it manually.

Source: Telegram

Telegram X is an official alternative Telegram client with its own set of crazy good features and very distinct user interface. There were no updates released for it since the middle of last December, so it has been such a long time, until now. Two new betas were posted on March 9 and the first one comes with a pretty lengthy list with changes, while the most recent update fixes a major bug, but more on it later. Let's first go through the full changelog for v0.21.6.1062 beta that has been posted by the developers of the app.


Telegram X is now available in Finnish, Tamil, Czech and Turkish.

Notifications 2.0: Rebuilt from scratch with advanced controls for active users & improved reliability

  • Notifications from different chat kinds are displayed separately
  • Dismissed notifications no longer reapper, when new message arrives
  • Have full control over mentions, replies and pinned messages. Both globally & per-group
  • Disable message preview from specific chats
  • Dramatically improved notifications reliability
  • Reduced background battery usage
  • New badge counter settings
  • Separate notification settings for channels
  • Notification when somebody creates a secret chat with you
  • Granular settings allowing to control notifications behavior as you wish
  • You will no longer receive accidental notifications, when you are chatting on the other device
  • Contents of pinned message is displayed in the notification
  • Improved speed of receiving messages when app is open
  • "New Contacts Notification" is now synced by the cloud
  • Hide Secret Chats from Lock Screen
  • [Android Oreo and above]: single notification category for private chats and group mentions ("Private Chats and Mentions")
  • [Android Oreo and above]: Vibration / sound settings are no longer displayed, when unused by the notification style
  • "Reset All Notifications" now resets all notification customizations
  • Hints when notifications are turned off in system settings or blocked for any reason by system
  • Error badges when some notifications are blocked by system
  • When many messages arrive at once, only single notification will have sound
  • Samsung Edge Display support for notifications
  • Notifications will reappear when other user has edited a message (only in private chats by default)
  • Hints when system auto sync turned off

Features and changes

  • Create & Participate in Polls
  • Pin messages in saved messages and any groups
  • Improved censorship circumvention
  • Change audio playback position without waiting for the file to download
  • Incomplete login attempts in the sessions list
  • Advanced Peer-to-Peer in Calls setting, synced by cloud
  • Share contacts to other apps
  • Open cloud chat from the secret chat screen
  • links support
  • Open chat with bot in websites sessions list
  • Alternative options list when logging out
  • tg://login?code=... & links support
  • Support for nested languages
  • links support
  • Improved speed of switching languages
  • System sound picker (allows setting any custom notification sound)
  • Improved resuming app from the background
  • Updated libtgvoip to 2.4.3
  • Telegram X is now optimized for x86_64 processors
  • Better handling of hardware keyboards on login & password screens
  • Online member count in supergroups
  • Better sorting in supergroups members list
  • "Apply to All" when choosing emoji tone
  • When previewing stickers, after sticker menu appears you will still be able to move finger to view other stickers
  • Improved stickers scrolling in stickers keyboard
  • Improved opening chats with unread messages


  • [Android Pie and above]: Images may be displayed with wrong rotation in the attach menu
  • [Android Oreo and above]: Unused duplicate notification categories
  • [Android Pie and above][Device-specific]: Music player notification not removed after closing player
  • When viewing own restrictions in a group, due date is clickable
  • Return button works properly when entering a code / password / email / etc
  • Self-destructing media in media viewer
  • Online status may not be updated in supergroup members list
  • Bugs related to custom notification settings
  • Crashes


The most notable new stuff is the updated notification settings with even more advanced options for you to tinker with, improvements in relation to Android's notification channel system on devices running Oreo and above, and support for the Samsung-exclusive Edge Display feature as a mighty bonus.


Another useful addition is the poll feature, which came like a month ago to the original Telegram app. From now on you can create your own polls with Telegram X on the go and do as many questionnaires as you want, no limits, no nothing.

Reportedly, version beta has not been working on armeabi-v7a, or, in other words, 32-bit devices), so version has been published on the Play Store to address that issue. Also, these releases pack a mouthful amount of bug fixes, performance improvements and lower down the background battery drain, thus we are suggesting you to hurry up and update immediately if you haven't already.

Source: Telegram X channel

Find more info and recent APKs on TGTester

Telegram X is an alternative official client for Telegram messenger which has a beta release channel on Google Play. It's been a while since Telegram X was updated last time and in version users got a long-awaited themes editor.

With the possibility of adding custom translations introduced earlier and editing themes, Telegram X became as customizable as a standard Telegram app.

Full changelog: beta

  • Telegram X is now available in Arabic, Czech, Hebrew, Norwegian (Bokmål) and Persian
  • Theme Creator: Create themes using dozens of features dedicated for designers for finding perfect colours.
  • Install, Edit, Share themes created by the community
  • Brand new look of Night Black theme
  • Reworked text rendering in all places of the app. Now fonts have a much better look while using Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and many other languages
  • Boosted messaging speed: completely reworked how messages get sent internally and optimized loading speed of replies.
  • Message input field does not clip anymore when you scroll it
  • Choose wallpaper for night themes. When auto night mode enabled, it will be switched accordingly.

The first notable addition of this update is a Night Black theme. It is a pre-configured dark theme with fully dark colours. This theme can be found in the list of themes along with all others. Nav > Settings > Themes and Chats.

Themes Editor

Themes editor is a core addition of this update. It allows users to customize almost every piece of the app inside the app itself and share custom themes with others. This feature also allows you to adjust colours of the existing theme.

Themes editor can be found in the Themes settings menu.

Nav > Settings > Themes and Chats > Scroll down to "Create a new Theme"

"Create new" button will make a copy of the currently active theme. The user will be able to set a new name to it as well. After pressing "Create" button you will see an editor view where you can switch between 10 different tabs. Each tab represents a specific section (feature) or UI element of the app. Each tab has a list of customizable elements.

Each customizable element has a string code and a colour code. The colour of the element can be changed by opening a colour picker menu for the representing string code. The colour picker itself support transparency, hex values and other features. It is also possible to have multiple colour values assigned to the single string code.

The theme editor also has an additional settings menu on the top right where you can edit a theme name, select a colour format and customize some additional properties.

In most cases, the user will have to save the change and go back to the app in order to check how it looks. For some small elements like loading animation, the theme editor view provides a preview.

While themes editing is a new thing for Telegram X, Standard Telegram client has this feature for a long time already. You can get some inspiration by joining an official themes channel for Telegram app on Android. Now it is finally possible to recreate your favourite Telegram themes for Telegram X. Don't forget that you can also add your name or a name of your channel / group to the theme and it will be shown to all users who want to apply it.

Source: Telegram beta channel

Telegram X got 10 new updates this month, mostly related to translations and localizations. Let's see some of the highlight features that came with the builds released since the beginning of September:

Editing channels and supergroup content/info

You can now edit channel and supergroup descriptions and links by just tapping on them. Things are much easier now, aren't they?

New settings entries

There is a new settings entry in Settings - Interface named 'Remember media grouping setting' - When enabled, the last used media grouping settings will be saved. Another one is 'Save edited photos to gallery', which is also in the Interface section and is on by default.

Access to more directories for file attaching

Now, there is access to the root directory of the file system on your device and the Telegram media folders.

UI changes

When entering picture-in-picture, the navigation bar color will be updated properly and the pop-up style when adding proxies is looking different now. Also, date timestamps are being shown when viewing someone's profile photos.


There are new localizations added and improvements to the Chat Preview, which is used in Settings - Themes and Chats - Text Size. It is also fully customizable through localizations (you can also make your own scenes this way) and the process of translating it is simplified too.

Length limit when editing chat titles and names

The length limits for chat titles and names have been changed to 128 and 64 characters respectively. It is stated that this is a server-side change if you are wondering.

This month has been all about localizations and bug fixes, but we still got a couple of useful changes. As a proof, in our teardowns, we also saw numerous string changes with each beta update. Sadly, we do not have any information regarding the official stable release date, after all of these betas.

FYI, you can check this channel for more info about localizations and Telegram X updates.

Telegram X is one of our top best Android apps and that is why this time we are going to focus on one of it's not so well known features called live locations. Live locations allow a user to share his location constantly to a chosen contact, or multiple contacts at the same time. If you are part of a group, then locations of participants will be showing up on a single map.

This is, in a way, similar to SnapMap in Shapchat, where you get a map and your friends' current location is marked on a map. Telegram X uses Google Maps as a maps provider by default, but there are other options you can choose from Settings > Privacy and Security > Map Preview Provider and Map Preview Provider in Cloud Chats. It also shows exact coordinates, so if you are lost, you can still find your way home. Other than that, it also suggests nearby places like cafes, restaurants and such. This is a pretty dope feature, and useful too, if you are going on a date with someone new and you don't know well the places around, or you name it.

To send a location, you have to tap on the attachments icon in the bottom toolbar in a chat screen and select the location icon. From there you can choose whether to share your current location or start sharing your live location. If you tap on the 'Share Live Location' button, you will get an option to choose for how long the location is going to be shared. If you swipe up though, you will get to see the previously mentioned suggestions for restaurants, and more.

Tell us if you are using live locations and what can be improved regarding them.

You can also check Telegram X beta to get all of the improvements and updates before everyone else does.

The Telegram X app for Android has a very unique design and set of features. In this regard, we are going to look at the gestures incorporated for navigating throughout the app, albeit some of them are reminiscent of IOS. This year, if you do not know, the trend is all about gesture-based navigation because every OEM, including Google, has adopted some variant of it in their software (Android Pie too). They are sort of meant to make your life easier for all huge-screen phone lovers. This is why we made a list of all of the gestures in Telegram X, in categories depending on the part of the UI that they are functional in.

Chats list

  • Long press on a chat title to activate the chat preview function. This one is kind of similar to 3D touch on IOS and the way it works. The preview window has shortcuts like mute/unmute, pin/unpin, mark as read and delete too.
  • Long press on a profile picture to reorder your pinned chats.
  • Swipe right to open the sidebar/side menu.


  • Long press on a profile picture to preview it.
  • Swipe on a message from right to left to reply/share. You can select a default behavior from Settings - Interface - Swipe actions.
  • Swipe up from the camera or the attachments icon to enter the camera interface.
  • Hold on the video/audio record button in the far right corner at the bottom to start recording, and slide left to cancel. Keep in mind that tapping switches between video and audio mode.
  • Swipe up or down on a picture, video, or a GIF to exit full-screen mode.
  • Long press on a media file/GIF to preview/delete/select/share and see in chat. This one works only in the chat settings/info page and only in MEDIA and GIFs tabs.


  • Slide down to exit.


  • Hold on a chat name/photo to preview.

Music player

  • Swipe down to minimize the now playing pop-up.
  • Long press to reorder songs in the queue.


  • Swipe right to go back. This is very IOS-like, but I like it a lot.
  • You can long-press on many things like links, media, messages and so on to see more actions available.

To summarize, gestures are a big hit since 2017 and an important part of Telegram X. I would like to see even more additions because gesture-based navigation is indeed more intuitive and easier to use on large phones. Tell us your thoughts and if you find a gesture that we are missing from the list, please, go ahead and tip us.

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How to set up a proxy for Telegram X using pre-made proxies

  1. Open the Telegram X app.
  2. Go to one of these channels - MTProto or MTProto Proxies.
  3. Select Connect or "click here" and follow the instructions.

How to manually assign proxies

  1. Open the app and tap on the menu button to open the side panel.
  2. Select the Proxy option and then click on Add proxy.
  3. Tap on the type of proxy you want and fill in the necessary info.

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging platforms across the world due to its high level of security. Sadly, governments of some countries apply restrictions to the service, because Telegram doesn't share any user data. That's why Telegram has implemented some bypass mechanisms like proxy servers. You can read more about proxy servers from here. Also, you can go ahead and subscribe to the Telegram X beta from this link.

The devs are using Telegram X as a testing platform for developing new features and implementing huge design changes. It's built with the focus being on performance and sleek animations. It has gained a huge popularity since it's official launch and now it has more than 5 million installs on the Play Store. Due to these reasons, a bug can always occur and here's our guide on how to write a bug report. But before that, be sure to subscribe for the Telegram X beta program.

Useful info

Bug reports

When reporting bugs, please, include these things:

  • The steps to reproduce (if you are able to reproduce it)
  • Android Version (there are many version-specific issues)
  • Device name & manufacturer (there are many device-specific issues)
  • App version code (also check if you have the latest version installed). Don’t use terms like “the latest”
  • Screen recording or screenshots with steps to reproduce are highly appreciated
  • For keyboard-related bugs, include keyboard name & version Remember: Developers can't fix bugs that they can't reproduce.

Logs: To enable the logs settings, you have to tap 10 times on the app version at the bottom.

A bug report example

Issue: Quick reply from the notification bar doesn't send the message.

App version: 963

Device: Google Pixel 2 XL

Android: Stock 8.1.0

Steps to reproduce: When you get a message, tap on the Reply button, write something and hit Send. The message is not visible in the app though.

On TestingCatalog you can also track all the historical updates for Telelegram X beta and explore Community test reports and helpful articles.

I recently discovered a Telegram App unique features list made by one of Telegram App beta testers. Thanks to @Gensetti

This list is the reason why you may want to consider to use Telegram X App over normal Telegram client. I found it a quite interesting to read and I want to share it here.

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