Telegram for Android got a couple of new features in the minor update v5.12.1. At first, it became available to beta users and after a couple of small fixes, it was released to Google Play.

Here is the changelog:

  • Listen to podcasts and audio tracks longer than 20 minutes at 2x speed.
  • Resume playback from where you left off when watching long videos and listening to long audio tracks.
  • Search for items in the current folder when attaching files or music.
  • Tap and hold on chats when sharing from other apps to send to several recipients.
  • Hold on the Archive folder to mark all archived chats as read.

Telegram account on Twitter was always relatively active but since Jul 1st they started a new hashtag #TelegramTips where they post short tips on how to use Telegram app in a more efficient way.

This hashtag also got used by other Telegram users (including @TestingCatalog) to share their helpful tricks.

During these 3 months, there were enough tips being shared in order to aggregate them into one list.

Telegram Tip #1

Contacts can be quickly shared face-to-face. Simply open Contacts > Add People Nearby and see users next to you (who also have this menu open). No telepaths were harmed in the making of this feature.

I got asked to compare Telegram beta client versus Plus messenger in order to find a reason to use the first one instead of another. First of all, I need to say that my review is based on a 2-day usage experience with Plus messenger and daily usage experience with Telegram beta client.

It isn't a long time before another Telegram update comes out, yet today we are here with a new build. Version 5.7.0 is available with a generous number of upgrades upon the previous release but still deemed enough for us to do a report about it. So, here we go.

New theme switcher

First things first, this update adds two new themes to the app and more redesigns to the majority of the pop-up dialogs, whilst bringing a separate page for managing all themes and creating custom ones. The Arctic Blue theme, as the name suggests, combines white with blue, while the second theme, named Graphite, boasts a lighter variant of gray as the preferred main background color.

More granular privacy management

Telegram 5.7 allows its users to do thorough adjustments to their privacy preferences, giving a gives a certain level of flexibility and control over personal information sharing. These include options for hiding user's phone number, managing permissions for messaging and calling, etc. You can find all of them in the Privacy and Security page in the settings.

Seamless weblogging with bots (channel comments)

Logging in to other web services with your Telegram account is going to be instant, thanks to the newly added @discussbot. It provides many opportunities, such as the rumored channel replies function otherwise labeled as comments, and you can begin testing them immediately.

Other good news is that anyone can create such bots for connecting existing services to Telegram on the fly.

Discussion groups for channels

With this update, channel admins can assign groups to their channels. After doing so, subscribers will see a 'Discuss' link in the bottom panel of a selected group chat for discussions, and every new post from the connected channel will automatically get forwarded and pinned in the corresponding group.

Public channel viewing

From now on, anyone can view public channels on the web by hitting the 'Preview channel' button.

Scam alerts

If suspicious accounts get detected, Telegram will display a scam label next to their names.

Animated stickers

Before wrapping up, shared in a post by Telegram Info, appears that Telegram is working on a new .tgs format for animated stickers. You can make your own ones by archiving JSON sticker files of your choice as gzip, and then changing the extension of the archive to .tgs.

The popular messaging service is going head-on about providing its user with better and more flexible privacy settings as well as simplifying the connection between channels and groups in this release. Moreover, new themes, UI refinements are in place too.

We have a guide explaining how to become a Telegram beta tester here, so be sure to check it out if you haven't already.

Via: Telegram Blog

The latest Telegram update, version 5.6.0, is out in the wild and brings one so much requested feature - Archived Chats. Besides, the whole user interface design has got a fresh coat of paint, including further usability improvements.

Archived Chats

Earlier confirmed by Pavel Durov, Telegram's founder, in a Twitter comment, archived chats have finally made their way to the Android app. Thankfully, you can now easily declutter your chats list by archiving lousy chats, past ones, etc. With a left swipe, a chat is immediately transferred to the archived chats folder. Note that archived chats are always accessible from the top of the main page and are also hideable from there with the same gesture.

Bulk actions in the chats list

If you are busy and do not have even a second to waste, with bulk actions for chats you have the option to pin, mute, archive, and delete multiple chats, all at once.

New design

From the app icon to the in-app menus, Telegram indeed looks so much sleeker. The app icon now works better with Android's adaptive icons and, in addition to that, toolbars have their own icons and round corners.

Expanded chats

Selecting the Three lines option in the Chat Settings menu gives you the freedom of seeing more text for messages in your chats list.

Full-screen share menu

The new share menu fits more people, so sharing with a large gang is a lot more convenient.

Dots for online users

You can see with just a glance at the chats list when someone is online.


In the newest 5.6.1 beta, there is support for animated stickers. Here is a demo by Telegram Beta.

Of course, there are many other small features and changes in that we could not include, thus, make sure to read the official Telegram blog post for this release for further details.

Source: Telegram Blog

Last month Telegram announced a new design contest for developers from around the world. Their purpose has been to spice up the interest of some clever minds and give them a platform to showcase their fresh design and coding ideas, with the added benefit of giving them prizes and hiring them later down the line. The latter is perhaps, mostly applicable for winners who are good enough to pass all stages of the contest and prove themselves to be worthy, though job opportunities by other companies may come up too.

March Contest

So, the March contest's winners for Android were announced over the past week. The original goal was to develop a fast and easy to use software for displaying charts in either JavaScript, Android Java or iOS Swift, with a sample data originally provided by Telegram. Included were sections for profile/channel/group activities and based on this information, there is a great chance that we will see such a feature implemented into the official clients of the messaging service shortly.

The winner of the March Android Contest is @thankyou2 who has received $50,000 as a gift. Looks like his app has been the only one to comply 100% with the published design guidelines and has been the best performer in terms of reliability and speed even on older Android devices. His sample APK, including apps from other winners, were all posted on the Telegram Contests channel, which you can test if you wish.

Note that Stage 2 of the contest is running at the moment and submissions will end on April 15. For more details, click here, but in a nutshell, this time the goal is to build five graphs in total, in addition to line charts developed in Stage 1, three new chart types are required: line charts with 2 Y axes, bar charts and percentage stacked area charts

Source: Telegram

The initial beta's for Telegram's next update have been dropped yesterday and are surely packed with plenty of interesting stuff. So, as of the time of writing, there isn't an official changelog provided, but, sure enough, we have got our hands on pretty much everything that has been changed or added thanks to other sources.

  • Search for settings

As the Telegram team is adding more and more options and sections to the settings page, the need for a search functionality has been deemed necessary. With this update installed, once you get inside the settings of the app, you will notice right away the magnifying glass icon in the action bar, which does also let you search for frequently asked questions.

  • New icon for messages in the notifications shade

The old icon for notifications has been replaced with a plain white paper plane icon.

  • Emoji predictions

While typing, similar to Gboard, now Telegram also natively supports emoji predictions, which are being shown above the message entry panel inside a small bubble. Sadly, It is restricted to selected languages only.

  • Bigger emojis

By sending a limited number of emojis (1-3) in a message, you can get them to be displayed in bigger sizes. So, the more the emojis, the smaller the size.

  • Search for emojis and sticker packs

A search bar in the emoji and sticker panels have been included as well.

  • Delete chat histories for other participants

Previously, deleting individual messages for others chat participants was possible, but now they are letting us delete whole chats at once.

  • Profile photo visibility

You can select exactly who can see your profile photo from Settings - Privacy and Security - Profile Photo.

  • Profile links for forwarded messages

Another extra privacy setting that has been added allows choosing who can link to your account when forwarding a message of yours (You can set it up in Settings - Privacy and Security - Forwarded Messages.)

These are most of the new additions in Telegram's 5.5.0 beta build for Android. Let us know if you have come across some other differences.

Credits: telegram-android-beta

Recently, Telegram officials created a channel where they publish the best design and feature concepts in regards to their apps, all created by talented designers and developers from around the world. We did a report about the more eye-catching concepts published there a while back, which you can take a look at from here. Just a couple of days ago a new concept was shared and it indeed caught our attention as it has some pretty neat ideas that you would wish Telegram's developers go ahead and leverage as soon as possible. So, without further ado, let's see what this concept by @maratkharr has in mind.

Concept video by @maratkharr

  • QR codes for profile sharing

This would come quite in handy as it is crazy simple to scan a code to add someone to your contacts list and instantly start chatting with.

  • Global currency rates

Telegram is already a great source for news, then, why not have daily currency reports as well?

  • Channel/group statistics

Having such a piece of detailed information about channel and group visitors and how they interact with each other is going to be extremely helpful for optimizing the content that is being shared and is going to be.

  • Quantum games

Facebook Messenger's games are a hit. Why does Telegram not have similar time killing games too?

  • In-app GRAM payments

Sending money and paying for things would get a lot more convenient if Telegram adds this feature. FYI, GRAM is their cryptocurrency.

  • Live broadcasting

  • Donations

This is for sure the best way to support people.

  • Video calls

Currently, there is only voice calling is supported by Telegram and for video chats, users have to resort to other apps. If we get that one, it would certainly be great.

As we said in the beginning, Telegram representatives have picked up this concept, so this means that they are considering adding some of the concept features in future releases of their official applications. Though, we will have to patiently wait for a bit. In the meantime, if you have some other great ideas, you can submit your concepts to the @design_bot on the 'Telegram Designers' channel.

Source: Telegram Designers

Our channel about Telegram with more stuff: TGTester

I wrote this post for Google+ but I think that it might be also helpful for others to check.

Google+ is going to be shut down but what does it mean for us?

  • No more access to our favourite collections.
  • No more access to our favourite communities.
  • No more social platform without ads.
  • No more content delivery as we used to.

We validated many alternatives and here is what we found:

  • Telegram is the only platform which offers a good user experience and perspectives for the future.
  • It has a channels concept which is an alternative to Google+ collections and supergroups which is an alternative to Google+ communities.
  • It supports bots which becomes a major plus compared to Google+.
  • It has a transparent development process and roadmap.
  • It is about to release a new cryptocurrency which will open a lot of new perspectives for Telegram users.
  • It is a very fast growing messager despite the fact that some governments are trying to block it (Unsuccessfully).
  • No ads and no spam.

We at TestingCatalog are going to triple down with our efforts on improving our Telegram channel in 2019.

If you are not a Telegram user yet, you can get it from Google Play

Here you can find a list of cool Android channels to follow, enjoy!

Some of them are generic, some of them are for specific apps and some are for developers. Do you know more channels to add here?

The newest Telegram Messenger update for Android and iOS has arrived just yesterday. Version 5.4 brings lots of practical options for better data management, including something that not everyone is going to be a fan of. So without wasting any time, let's get down to the meat and potatoes of what's new in this stable release.

Autoplaying videos

Smaller videos on Telegram will start playing automatically when they reach your screen. By default they are muted, so to unmute a video, you have press one of your device's volume keys. Neat, huh!

Auto-download settings

If you are worried about your data plan getting sucked up by those autoplaying videos we mentioned, you can easily disable this feature from the Data and Storage section in the settings, or either set limits for video quality, size and more. Plus, you can quickly switch between the standard 'Low', 'Medium' and 'High' presets to be used when you are on mobile data, Wi-Fi and roaming. Also, you have the ability to manually set up automatic downloads by chat type, media type and file size. Note that Telegram will remember your choices for auto-downloads as a custom preset in case you need to temporarily switch back and forth between this and the default ones.

Default settings for data usage

Telegram has made the limits for automatic downloads more generous in some countries where data costs are lower. Though, this does not mean that they are set in stone because they may get changed remotely as the time goes and depending on the user feedback that shall come. For example, those more conservative limits will apply in countries such as Ethiopia where mobile data prices are insanely high.

Logout alternatives

Some new users have the habit of logging in and out often, so their profiles do not get accessed by others. This procedure is not necessary for Telegram because they have other built-in measures to keep things safe and secure. The new logout page suggests alternatives like setting a passcode for the app, clearing the cache, changing your account's phone number and an option to add another account right from the same page.

It is good to see Telegram taking data consumption so seriously compared to other companies. Let's wait and see what great features will come next in version 5.5 of the app, or whatever they call it.

Source: Telegram Blog

Telegram is my favorite cloud-based instant messaging app because of its simple user interface and the great level of functionality it has to offer. It also uses end-to-end encryption for sending and receiving messages and does not pack intrusive ads as Facebook Messenger does.

Its clients for Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Linux are all fully open-source, allowing anyone to fork the sources and build their own variants and contribute to the project by adding newer localizations or helping improve the current ones, assist with fixing bugs and provide fresh design ideas. Speaking of design ideas, there is a new official Telegram channel dedicated especially for that. The development team behind Telegram will choose the best concepts for new UI layouts and animations and share them on the channel. Perhaps, some of those may get implemented in future updates of the mobile apps as well.

At the time of writing there is only a handful amount of design concepts, so we did pick up a few that look quite promising.

  • Workspaces

Suggested by @am0040 and named "Workspaces", this layout would allow users to switch quickly between groups of people by tapping on a dropdown menu in the action bar.

  • Hideable categories

This idea comes from @jonaaron and lets users collapse chat sections such as Channels and Friends, so the chats page looks less cluttered. They can be expanded back too.

  • Hidden tabs

@shchuchkin has suggested another similar concept, but this one differs a bit because it adds hideable tab buttons and would allow you to access them by just swiping down. His mockup video shows tabs names like Everything, Unread, People, Groups, etcetera.

  • Chat sections

Another interesting idea is about a row of tabs again in the chats page but with differentcategories this time - All, Family, News, Crypto and Sport. The person behind this one is @daa24.

If you would like to suggest a new UI change such as a unique and pretty layout or an animation(s), please, do not hesitate to send your mockups to the @design_bot and wait for the admins to share them on the Telegram Designers channel.

More Telegram news can be found in our TGTester channel 📲

Source: Telegram Designers

The Telegram app has gotten a record-breaking number of four major updates in the past two months and we are glad to see that there is such a dedicated development team behind it. The most recent update of the bunch is version 5.3 available both for Android and iOS, as always. It comes along with the so-called Chat Backgrounds 2.0, which does bring numerous customizability options and necessary refinements. First things first, let's go through the release notes and later on continue with our detailed overview for this release.


  • Apply blur and motion effects to chat backgrounds in Settings » Chat Settings » Chat Background.
  • Set custom colors as backgrounds and apply patterns.
  • Search for new backgrounds by color or topic.
  • Share and set backgrounds via links that work on all platforms.
  • Use backgrounds you set on one device on your other devices.
  • Enjoy a selection of new backgrounds.
  • Add some extra effects in the built-in photo editor (

Blur and motion effects

To create outstanding chat backgrounds, Telegram v5.3 allows you to apply motion effects and blur to images, therefore, when the motion toggle is on, chat backgrounds follow your movements. This is a subtle effect and at the same time an eye candy.

Custom colors and patterns

Custom colors can be set as backgrounds as well as patterns, with a slider added in to adjust the pattern opacity (intensity).

Search for backgrounds

As a bonus to all of the features we mentioned a bit earlier, the Telegram app offers an online search option for background pictures. You can search by color or by topic.

Share backgrounds via links

Furthermore, this release also adds a button that lets you share all of your custom background setups with others via links. Of course, you can apply backgrounds shared by others. The good news is that these work on all platforms and can be set to sync across devices. So, when you enter the Chat Settings, you will notice the share icon in the right corner of the action bar.

Granular font size slider

The last addition worth mentioning is the new slider that controls the font size for messages in chats. It can be found in the Chat Settings of Telegram, including all of the background-related settings above.

The v5.3 update is live on the Play Store already, so hurry up and install it ASAP. If you wish so, you can join our Telegram channel and grab the latest beta release instead, and stay in touch with news about Telegram.

Source: Telegram Blog

Telegram's new suite of updates for their messaging clients for all major operating systems, including our favorite Android, have been made public this week. Included are lots of cool new features that everyone would fancy, minor design changes and refinements, and much more stuff we will share with you. Just keep reading.


  • Global permissions for groups. Restrict all members in any group from posting certain types of content.
  • Unified group settings. Make groups public, set admins with granular permissions and toggle persistent history in any group.
  • Undo deleting chats and clearing chat history within 5 seconds. Detailed confirmation dialogs when deleting chats.
  • New sorting options in Contacts: by name or by last seen time.
  • New animations when uploading and downloading media.

Revised group permissions UI

If you are a chat admin and you have always wanted a chat thread of messages with no silly stickers or GIFs, you have got lucky. Telegram v5.2.1 offers simplified UI for group preferences and member lists and granular settings for admins to restrict users from posting specific types of content, e.g. stickers, GIFs, links, polls, media, or anything at all. While admins continue chatting with each other, non-admins will have to just watch.

Double the limit for groups

Telegram groups as of now support up to 200,000 members and supergroups and basic groups are simply called groups. As a bonus, making any group public has been made extremely easy.

Undo deleting chats

Gone are the days of accidentally deleting chats that pack important information. Telegram shows a small banner at the bottom of the screen that counts for 5 seconds and gives you the chance to undo this operation by tapping on it.

Sorting options for contacts

You can view your contacts sorted by the last time of activity or either alphabetically with the added toggle in the action bar.

Prettier animations

And at last, other enhancements that come with this release are nicer animations for downloading media and blurred thumbnails when loading images.

For additional information about what is new, you can visit Telegram's blog, linked below. Also, make sure to join our channel for all things Telegram and be always up-to-date.

Via: Telegram Blog

Telegram is a messaging app where you can use different chatbots in order to enhance your chat experience. There are a lot of different bots available including different timers, reminders, and services. There are also plenty of different poll bots with allow users to create and share polls in their channels and groups. From now on, most of them will become unnecessary.

New polls feature was introduced in the latest Telegram beta update for the Android v5.1.0.

You can get it directly from our channel in Telegram or from the in-app update if you already have it installed.

How to find it?

After updating the app, this feature will become immediately available. In order to use it, you need to open a group or channel and tap on the "attachment" icon. A new pop-up will contain an additional "Poll" option which will lead to the poll creation view. Please keep in mind that it is not possible to create polls on 1 on 1 chat.

How to create a poll?

When you open a "new poll" view, this process becomes very straightforward. This feature is very simple at this moment and it only allows you to customize a question text and add up to 10 different options to it. Simply tap on the "Add a new option" to add more and drag and drop them to rearrange. The copy-pasting is disabled for all text fields which is not very handy. Also, all of them have a character limit.

When you are done with editing, just hit on the "ok" icon on the top right. The poll will appear in the channel or group and other people will be able to vote. This poll is shown as anonymous which means that nobody will know who votes where. Results will be visible to everyone after the voting. It is also possible to change the vote by tapping on the message and choosing "Retract Vote". The poll creator also can stop the poll at any time.

It is important to know that people with clients where these polls are not supported will see a poll as "Unsupported message".

What do you think about this feature?

Source: tgtester, Telegram blog

Instant View is a technology crafted to perfection by Telegram's developers. It optimizes all of the supported web pages explicitly for mobile devices and makes them load instantly, no matter what is your Internet connection speed, by caching them onto their servers, hence why it is called "Instant View".

What is new in Instant View 2.0

  • Tables
  • Nested lists
  • Document attachments
  • Colored links
  • Highlights

Version 2.0 is a welcome upgrade over version 1.0, and we will go ahead and explain why just in a moment. Before that though, we would like to note that there is not an official statement by Telegram about what are the exact changes in this update, but alas, we got some more insight details, which are based on the changes in code on GitHub, examined by some folks at the Russian website ROZETKED, and more information from the Telegram Beta channel. The guys at ROZETKED are saying that other than tables and nested lists, file attachments are supported too. But as of this exact moment, there is no preview that we can show off to you with the third one because Telegram v5.0.0 is still in beta testing. Perhaps, you can at least try these two example links below, which do have nested lists and tables working with Instant View.

Instant View is a great innovation, and version 2.0 is a minor step up, but sure enough, it will be improved furthermore. A big surprise is that this new version is nowhere to be seen on the Telegram X app because it is more like their number one app to get early and experimental stuff.

Here you can also see the difference between Telegram client w/o Instant view 2.0 support and Telegram beta with Instant view 2.0 support.

If you are interested, you can download Telegram v5.0.0 from TestingCatalog channel about Telegram and install it on your Android phone.

Source: Telegram Beta