Microsoft's SwiftKey keyboard amazes everyone with its advanced prediction system and broad feature set. Its Android counterpart is available as separate stable and beta apps on the Google Play Store, with the former appealing more so to regular users, while the latter is meant especially for us geeks. Speaking of betas, the latest one for SwiftKey is up and adds a much more enhanced way of resizing the keyboard window, but before going into too much detail, first, let's go through the release notes posted for version (What a long build number, huh?)


  • We are introducing a new way to resize your SwiftKey Keyboard. Simply drag the boundary boxes to resize and move your SwiftKey Keyboard just how you want it. Try it out now from your Toolbar > Settings > Size.
  • We’ve fixed a bug on Samsung devices that resulted in an empty floating keyboard.

SwiftKey is one of Android's best keyboard apps all around and the go to one for many users. It has a separate beta published on the Play Store and there is a new update released for it. There is nothing major, but an update is an update. The version build comes along with the following small changes/additions.


  • We’ve added a new language: Karakalpak

  • Secondary characters have been reintroduced to Incognito mode and we’ve made the watermark more transparent. Thanks for your feedback!

Just like it has been mentioned in the release notes, this version adds one new language to the supported list - Karakalpak. You can enable any language for the keyboard by launching the SwiftKey Beta app from your app drawer, entering the 'Languages' section and then choosing your preferred one.

The next changes come as tiny tweaks to the keyboard UI when you are browsing in Incognito mode, for example in Google Chrome or any other browser app. The additional characters can be used again and the watermark has been made more transparent so that it is less noticeable.

Those are the newest features and changes to SwiftKey Beta. You can install it from the Play Store and get to try out all of the upcoming performance and feature updates that are going to be launched much earlier than the stable version.

Source: Google Play

Being one of the most popular keyboards on Android, here is a new beta update for SwiftKey, which enables some extra personalizations and fixes a couple of issues. Here is the brief changelog that comes with v7.2.1.17:


  • Search is now a toolbar icon and can be customized (moved and turned on/off)
  • We’ve increased the font size in Arabic layouts - let us know what you think
  • Change the default percent symbol in Arabic


  • Fixed a crash for Arabic 123 layout when accessing numbers
  • In Android P the word ‘delete’ in the clipboard is no longer cut-off
  • Arrow keys will now work in keyboard text fields (Search, GIF and Translator)


The search option inside the keyboard is a great thing to have, but in the previous version it was taking too much space from the toolbar, where instead they could have crammed in other shortcuts. This update brings a solution by transforming the search bar into a search icon, which can also be moved around by hitting the three-dot button in the far right side of the toolbar to enter the so-called "Customizer".

Other than this, there have been much-needed optimizations regarding the displaying of layouts in Arabic languages, and bug fixes mentioned earlier.

Source: Google Play

The Swiftkey app, now part of the large collection of Microsoft apps, is one of the most preferred keyboards among Android users due to the great typing experience it offers and its unmatched prediction capabilities. In version of Swiftkey Beta lands a deeper integration with MS services, with Bing as a search engine that is part of the keyboard and Edge as a browser for showing search results, and a lot more. This feature is similar to how you can search on Google with Gboard, but, of course, with some small differences after all.


Introducing Search, the fastest way to find and share anything from Bing without leaving SwiftKey. Quickly capture, crop and send a screenshot or share the URL.

  • New Arabic Layout
  • Jawi script layout for Malay
  • New Pinyin 12-key layout
  • You can now type in: msa_MY: Malay (Jawi): بهاس ملايو (جاوي)


  • General Accessibility improvements

To search on Bing from the keyboard, just touch the '+' button at the top row and you will see the search bar. You can also take screenshots of the browser pop-up screen with search results, crop them and send them directly, without leaving the current app you are in. For your convenience, included is also a button for sharing the URL of the web page you are browsing in, and if you happen to have Edge installed, you get options to add URLs as bookmarks and open any web page in Edge from the same pop-up.

Other things included in this update are new keyboard layouts for Arabic, Malay (Jawi script layout) and Pinyin (12-key layout) and support for typing in Malay (Jawi).

If you are a fan of Swiftkey, you can now make a better use of your keyboard with the new search feature we mentioned above and save a lot of your precious time for something else. Happy testing!

SwiftKey - one of the most popular keyboard apps got a new beta update with version number, and a couple of new features in tow.

If you don't know, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft at the beginning of 2016 and they have started integrating their services into the app. As a result of this acquisition, now we get Microsoft Translator support inside the keyboard. It is indeed very similar to Google Translate in Gboard and looks like SwiftKey is actually too late to the party. If you want, you can enable this feature by tapping on the '+' sign at the top row of the keyboard and selecting the Microsoft Translator icon, which has a letter 'a', a strange sign and two arrows. Then, you will be greeted with extra two rows where you can select the languages and input your desired text. With that said, there is also a new language added - Dungan, and support for native top row symbols for Tamil99 and Indic too.

Looks like Microsoft slowly trying to integrate its services into SwiftKey and vice versa. Let's see what else will come because we know that the keyboard app will come soon to Windows 10.

As you may already know, recently, Swiftkey was acquired by Microsoft. This means nothing, but even more updates and better user experience to us. So, The very well known keyboard among Android users got a new beta update with version number It brings new emojis with more prominent details and saturated colors.

The next thing is the addition of a new toolbar button, which lets you change the keyboard layout easily from the keyboard, without the need to go to the settings. It is just a keyboard icon which you can enable by tapping on the three-dot menu button in the toolbar and toggling on the Layouts feature.

There are also three new languages supported: brx_RU: Буряад хэлэн (Buryat), unr_IN: मुंडारि (Mundari) and gsw_CH: Schwiizerdütsch (Swiss German). If you have an HTC phone or the Nexus 9 tablet, you are covered because, reportedly, there have been some performance issues on devices from this OEM, and they are now completely fixed.

Do you use Swiftkey? Would you recommend it to your friends and family? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment.