PokerUp for Android is a great poker game for those who love gambling, do not want to take huge risks and would like to play all of the time on-the-go. The newest update for the app has been made available to the public and comes with small enhancements that may catch your fancy. Here we go first with the release notes from Google Play.

What’s new

Would you like to have power? Super strength or invisibility? It's better to establish an alliance. Saviors gathered in PokerUp Fix Union. Put 3D glasses on.

DAILY BONUS An evil Time Stealer was defeated. Users can see the time left to receive daily bonuses.

MORE EVENTS It's time to face Flat Calm. Heroes won! Be prepared for exciting events.

Caption! Put your glasses off. It was the first chapter. Remember, you don't need to have a supernatural power to be a hero.

Always Yours, PokerUp

As you can see, PokerUp version stable does indeed come with a timer to let you know exactly when your next daily bonus is going to be available. Check the banners at the top of the homepage. Besides, additional events are said to be coming soon, so hold your breath and wait patiently. Maybe, you may get to be the next poker champion.

You can install the game from the link below, and remember, TestingCatalog is your source for everything but Android apps and testing.

PokerUp on Google Play

For those who are wondering what PokerUp is - it is the greatest poker game for Android. It features a beautiful UI coupled with an extreme simplicity so gamers have the "bestest" poker experience possible. What is so good about it is that you can play with your friends and family and chat while doing so. For our thorough PokerUp review, click here.

The initiative for this report is to inform you about the new features included in PokerUp's latest and greatest update - version, which you can install from the Google Play Store if you wish. Let's see what is new and then get to our usual feature breakthrough (only one this time.)


The Oscars. It's the most awaited event in cinematography world. Let us invite you to the ceremony!


We're opening with "The Best Bonus" which goes to... PokerUp! Daily bonus for everyone.


The next one is "The Speedman". Our team is pleased to have such an award.


Dear guests, it's "The Best Improver" title. PokerUp is the one who takes it all.

The official part is coming to the end. Please join afterparty. Stay oscared!

Always Yours,


As written in the release notes, the one and most important feature you should be looking forward to are the new daily bonuses PokerUp gives. Every day of the week all signed up players get extra bonus coins ranging from 100 up to 300 for day number seven. Thus, you can play your favorite poker game with your beloved ones and get free coins daily. You will be filthy rich in no time if you win every single game.

The new daily bonuses and so much more will be available to you by just downloading the game from the Play Store on your mobile device running Android. Make sure to click the link below.

Source: Google Play

The PokerUp application is the number one game dedicated to playing poker with your friends. It has a pretty simple card-based UI layout, theme support, left-handed mode and much more.


Play poker games with your friends and chat before, during and after gaming sessions. Share short videos showing your emotions with PokerUp's in-game video feature.


Challenge people from all around the world and win great prizes. This way you can unlock newer levels and compete for even bigger prizes.


Enhance your poker experience by subscribing to PokerUp's premium plan.

By signing up you get extras like additional table themes, a hand strength meter, ability to participate in multiplayer games, direct messaging with your friends in PokerUp or with other chat apps as well, a special leaderboard for you and your team, night mode and a left-handed mode for better comfort while playing. Also, every single month you get a bonus of 3000 upcoins.



If you feel curious, you can install the PokerUp game for free from the Google Play Store (link down below).

Source: Google Play