If you are not an active Snapchat user like me you may get surprised by some features you find in the app even if they were released a long time ago. A Snapchat Map Status feature released in May 2019 is one of the examples.

Many Snapchat features can be considered as secondary (Snapmap or Games for example) compared to the primary feature of capturing and browsing stories. Snapchat also doesn't tell to users about these secondary features proactively and this makes them some sort of "hidden".

Snapchat has been undergoing plenty of changes, starting from a revamp to the Android app to introducing shows last year. This week there have been many new announcements from their side, with lots of interesting stuff that you should keep an eye out for.

Snap Games

To play with your friends, other than messaging and the regular 'snapping', they have added a new set of six basic games: Bitmoji Party, Tiny Royale, Snake Squad, C.A.T.S. Drift Race, Zombie Rescue Squad, and Alphabear Hustle. While playing those, you can still communicate with your friends via text or voice calls. Snap Games have begun rolling out and should be available for all users very soon.

Snap Originals

Snap Originals were introduced in 2018, and because of their popularity among Snapchatters, ten new shows are coming in shortly. Snapchat has partnered up with the likes of BuzzFeed and other movie production companies to offer you the greatest and most personal stories ever, exclusively crafted to be consumed on mobile devices. Stay tuned!

AR Lenses

If you ever wanted to breathe life into landmarks, Snap's Landmarkers are here for you. Snap has partnered up with creators from around the world to create fancy Lenses for landmarks and other buildings. Just watch the embedded video below. But other than these, the app can now recognize songs, show products on Amazon, help you solve math problems, and has optimized lenses for pets to let you put glasses on them, etc.

App Stories

App Stories allow Snapchat users to share content right from the Snapchat camera to a Story inside another application. Sharing Stories to Tinder is the first one to come, with other apps on the line too.

Creative Kit

Soon, you will be able to share custom stickers with the content you love from your favorite services in a Snap. The supported services list includes Netflix, GoFundMe, VSCO, and more.

**Bitmoji Kit

The Bitmoji Kit, for example, lets you bring your avatar into the Fitbit app. There is even a Bitmoji Clock Face to keep you cheered up while reminding you to drink water and eat food and log those activities.

Source: News - Snap.Inc: Introducing Snap Games, New Snap Originals, The Future of Lenses, and Plug in to Snap Kit; Fitbit

Snapchat, mostly favored because of its funny and unique AR lens effects, is expanding its already broad enough feature set by adding new caption styles and a "Year End" Story to celebrate the end of 2018. The update we are looking at today has a build number and is currently rolling out to all Snapchat users through the Google Play Store. These are the release notes for it:


While typing a caption, tap the new button to change its alignment.

Fresh caption styles. Check back often for new ones!

Updated caption styles

Without giving you too much unnecessary details because you can discover by yourself, the latest caption styles included in this version can be seen simply by hitting the "T" icon at the top right, which becomes visible after taking a Snap. Next, you will surely notice at the bottom portion of the screen the style options and by scrolling from right to left you can swap between them effortlessly. As a bonus, the freshly added text alignment settings such as left, right, or center can be toggled between from the action button, which has four horizontal lines with different lengths.

"Year End” Story

Almost all social media platforms do offer a roundup highlighting their users' best memories for the past year. With that said, Snapchat had launched their own variant called "Year End" back in 2017 and is reviving it this year as well. It tries to create the perfect collage from all of your favorite memories filled with unmatched emotions as a celebration gift for you. But it comes with a caveat - you must have saved enough content with different varieties in Snapchat's Memories archive for it to work.

To view your "Year End" Story for 2018, you just have to launch the app on your Android device, navigate to the 'Memories' tab by swiping from right to left or tapping on the appropriate icon for it, placed at the bottom right in the main screen. Your personal "Year End" Story will show up below the Snaps tab at the top of the page and will be titled as “My 2018 in Snaps." You can view it directly and also share it on your Story if you want to do so.

At the moment "Year End" is at a staged rollout and should be available very soon. Please, note that it is being enabled server-side, so updating to the latest version may not make any change, plus there are always other criteria that are being considered.

Source: Google Play, Twitter, Fast Company

Portrait mode, 'Charms', and numerous other features and changes that Snapchat has been working on

Snapchat.Inc has been developing a fair number of new features for their Android app, which we will share with you, besides the minor user interface tweaks that have been thrown in. We got our hands on some details in regards to some of the upcoming changes that will eventually come out to all users.

Portrait mode

There is not a lot of info, but guessing from the screenshots leaked on the Internet, portrait mode in Snapchat will allow you to blur the background portion behind a person on a photo just like in regular portrait mode photos, or either apply a color gradient effect.

Gridlines, timer, and batch capture mode

These new modes will be very easy to access and toggle on and off right from the camera UI, just like the portrait mode. Also, batch capture mode is just a renamed version of the standard burst mode that we are all familiar with as it has been available in many camera apps for decades so far.


Snapchat is indeed preparing something called 'Charms', which is going to give you details about yours and your friends' zodiac signs. Another interesting feature is 'Birthday Twins' - if one of your friends' and your birthdays are within a week or so, both of you will be reminded to celebrate together.

Updated navigation UI

The navigation bar at the bottom is going to get a revamp as well, with four buttons instead of the two that were there before, so it is going to be easier to open the Memories page and the map.

All of these were leaked by Jane Manchun Wong, who is a Twitter user. If you would like to, you can go and follow her to get other insights like the ones above even earlier.

Screenshots: Jane Manchun Wong

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

After the slow, but inevitable fall of Snapchat, the company behind is still trying to innovate and keep it alive in the social media space, but the competition from the likes of Instagram and Facebook is very very strong.

Snap Originals

The new Snap Originals series, launched this month, aims to challenge Instagram's IGTV platform. It lets you watch shows from selected personas - "some of the world’s greatest storytellers", and with genres such as comedy, horror, reality docu-series, and more. There are already a handful of shows released, which you can learn more about from the Snap Originals webpage.

Snap Originals is available for all users inside the Snapchat app in the Discover screen by swiping left from the main camera UI. The version of the app you should be looking for is from November 1, already rolling out on the Play Store.

Cat Lenses

Meanwhile, this version includes yet another pack of lenses - Cat Lenses to be exact, that no one asked for... They are not available on my device as of now, so I personally cannot comment more on them.

May Snap Originals be the push needed for Snapchat's comeback? Tell us your opinions and keep testing!

Snapchat is actively working on the application redesign. The app is moving towards a simplification and performance improvements. The alpha release, which was only available to the root users at the beginning, now can be accessed by everyone. You can also become a Snapchat Alpha tester 👻 if you are not already.

Speaking of app distribution, if you are a beta tester for Snapchat, you will receive both Alpha and Beta client changes with every Google Play update. In the settings menu, you can easily switch between them. If you still have a stable release, you will receive both Stable and Alpha changes with every Google Play update (In this case you will receive them much later and less frequently).

But what happened with functionality? It didn't change a lot because you still have the same camera, editor, chat, discovery, Snapmap, profile and settings screens. But! There are a couple of new tiny changes and improvements.

Alpha version limitations:

  • Now you cannot log in if you have a root access on your device. The app will show an error message. I didn't try any additional tools which can hide root permissions but it will be a completely different story.
  • Snapcodes functionality is gone. Your profile doesn't have a Snapcode anymore and the option to add friends by Snapcode is gone as well. Well... I guess now it's you move Instagram.

New Alpha features:

  • Camera zoom from Snap filters. This might be not a new option but now, some users can see UI tip to zoom on top of masks. You can simply swipe up from the mask and zoom in. This action will capture a zoomed video which is very close to the boomerang effect from Instagram.
  • Voice filters. After capturing a video, you can now select a voice filter from the list. Previously, "voice changers" were a mask specific feature.
  • Camera switch icon. Now you can tap on the icon to switch the camera. Old option with double tapping on the screen also works.
  • Location updates. You may start receiving a notification from Snapchat in case if you traveled to the new location. This notification will open a Snapmap with your trip being highlighted.

I am 100% sure that there more - did you spot any other changes? Leave us a tip in that case or drop a comment!

Now you can finally become an Alpha tester for the Snapchat app for Android even if you don't have a rooted device or if you were not lucky to get a server-side feature rollout.

How to enable Snapchat Aplpha:

  1. Pinch to zoom and open Snapmap
  2. Search for "Bermuda"
  3. See a walking ghost on top of the Bermuda island
  4. Tap on the ghost to see an option to enable Snapchat Alpha.

Previously, it was possible to enable Snapchat Alpha via the "root method" and in the same place, you can also find some info about the Alpha UI changes. Later after release, Snapchat Alpha switch was shown to some users directly in the settings menu.

This Snapmap easter egg way is very Snapchattish. Did you manage to catch this ghost?

Source: XDA

Snapchat released some time ago a new feature for its users to test named Snappables. Snappables are interactive games, with a total number of five available right now.

Changelog from Google Play

What’s New

Start a rock band with friends, fight aliens and more. New Snappables are added every week! Tap your face to activate Lenses, then select a Snappable on the left side of the camera button.

So, let me give you my two cents for each of them.

  1. "ODD ONE OUT" - To be honest, I don't get this one! It just shows in a grid whatever it sees with the camera, and if it is a person, then it adds glasses or bunny ears. Maybe someone can explain it to me?

  2. "DRAW IT" - You have to show off your drawing skills, and I am guessing that your friends may also need to draw the same thing to compete.

  3. "TRUTH OR DARE" - One word - good.

  4. "TIC TAC TOE" - Tapping on a box reveals you, but with dog ears. How funny!

  5. "WOULD YOU RATHER" - This in kind of nice. It asks you to select one of the two given options.

Also, to access them, scan your face and you will see the games on the left side of the shutter button.

Looks like Snap.Inc has hit rock bottom in terms of innovation because these games are mostly useless. They may attract some of the younger generations of users, but that is it. Tell us your thoughts, and bye for now!

The Snapchat app has a feature called SnapMap and this time we are going to get to the bottom of the questions "What it does?" and "How does it work?".

To begin with, accessing SnapMap is possible from the main camera UI by pinching in with two fingers - quite tricky, huh? Then, you are going to be greeted with a map, where the live location of your friends is being displayed, and yours too. There are also being shown Snaps for popular buildings like museums, skyscrapers and such from other people as featured content.

Tapping on the location button at the bottom right gets you back to your location and shows you the weather at the bottom left. Tapping on an avatar of a friend shows you when was the last time he or she was online and where. By accessing the SnapMap settings, you gain control over location sharing options, and with whom, with possible exceptions included. Also, if you do not have a Bitmoji avatar, you get a shortcut for creating one.

Note: The SnapMap feature in the new alpha version of Snapchat is almost the same as the current one, but much faster and smoother.

This is it for now. If you find out that we have missed something, we will appreciate if you use the 'Tip Us' button to let us know.

While Snap Inc. works on the revamped version of Snapchat, they are continuously adding some new features. As you know, the core principle of the platform is disappearing content. Some of them have default time limits before going away, but the messages were inaccessible once read.

The latest change which is rolling out, starting today, is the 24-hour availability of chats. Yeah, your messages will disappear after a day, but here is the caveat - you will have to manually enable it for individual chats. Basically, you need to tap on the menu button in a chat page, select 'Delete Chats...' and choose whichever option you want. I guess, most of you will not want their messages to go away instantly and this is why I would wish for a setting to choose the default behavior for all chats. On a side note, this isn't available in the alpha version for now, which is a huge bummer.

Snapchat is one of the most used social media applications all around the world and their Android app has a beta program available. First, you can check out our guide, which explains deeply How to become a Snapchat beta tester on Android.

To start with, there is a feature in Snapchat beta called 'Shake To Report'and it is made to report bugs/issues. It is enabled by default and you can shake your device when you are in the app to report an issue. You will be greeted with a pop-up menu, which has three options. The first one is 'Report a Problem' and this is what you need. The other two are 'Suggest Improvement' and 'Turn Off'.

Other than that, you should include a detailed explanation of what happened and the steps to reproduce it. The more information, the better! Also, the Snapchat app sends a screenshot with the report, so if there is a UI issue, then you are covered.

Other ways of getting support are visiting the Snapchat Support web page or asking for help on their Twitter account @snapchatsupport.

As you can see, this is not that complicated of a process, but it is very helpful to report problems if you want them to get sorted out.

Enabling the latest Snapchat alpha features is going to be a lot easier and seems like the new UI is going to become official soon, at least for Beta/Alpha users.

In the Settings of Snapchat v10.40.2.0 and v10.40.3.0 Beta, a new settings entry is showing up. It is called 'Snapchat Alpha' and as the name suggests, it lets you enable every experimental feature in the app. You can find it just below the 'Snapchat Beta' option and enable it by hitting the green-colored 'ENABLE' button at the bottom part of the page. That's it. Isn't very simple?

Keep in mind that it isn't visible for all users by this time, so if you are curious, you can check out our guide on how to enable it with ROOT in the article named 'Snapchat is testing a new much faster and smoother Alpha UI and here's how you can enable it with ROOT'. In case you want to know more about the new features that are coming to the app, you can read our 'Snapchat 10.40.xx.x updates summary' article on TestingCatalog too.

So, that's it for this time folks. We just wanted to give you a heads-up about this and if enjoyed it, don't forget to drop a line in the comments, like and share.

As some of you may already know, Snapchat for Android is about to get a huge re-make. A couple of weeks ago it was discovered that they are testing a new UI and now are building upon it. There are a total of three new features that may catch your attention, so let's begin with the first one:

  • Adaptive icons

Adaptive icons are supported on Android 7.1 and above and they are Google's way of making things simple and keeping uniformity across the UI by allowing the user to choose the desired icon shape (Not customizable in some OEM ROMs). Snapchat has added all of the necessary assets to support this feature in v10.40.2.0 Beta but, currently, it isn't working as intended. We were able to combine the included assets for icon foreground and background and you can see from the images how they are going to look.

  • The new 'Bounce' feature

This one is quite simple but very useful. It allows you to loop any portion of a video Snap. Let's say you just took the best Snap ever of your friend, who is jumping in a pool. You can loop the part where the water splashes to emphasize on it, thus immortalizing the moment.

  • SnapMap

In previous versions, SnapMap was nowhere to be seen when the new UI was on. Now it's back and works a lot faster. To people who don't know what it is, it's a map, which shows you where all of your friends are and lets you share your location with them.

To summarize. Snapchat is indeed trying to get back its old fame because Facebook and Instagram have added all of its unique features, rendering it just like a copycat, or one of all. Looks like Snap.Inc is working hard this year trying to make things faster. so let's wait and see if everything goes to plan for them.

Snapchat users on Android were all complaining about how slow the app is. Looks like finally, Snap Inc is working on a much faster version of the app and here is how you can enable it by yourself. Be sure to have root on your device and follow the steps carefully.

How to enable the new Mushroom UI

  1. Get a root-enabled file manager. We recommend MiXplorer or Solid Explorer.
  2. You must have Snapchat v10.39 or beta or higher.
  3. Open MiXplorer and tap on 'Root' in from the side panel.
  4. Navigate to /data/data/com.snapchat.android/shared_prefs and look for a file named 'dynamicAppConfig.xml'.
  5. Open the xml file and look for a line containing this string:

<string name="appFamily">snapchat</string>

  1. Change the 'snapchat' value to 'mushroom'. The string should look like this:

<string name="appFamily">mushroom</string>

  1. Now you need ADB or a terminal emulator app.

Enabling via ADB

  1. Connect your phone to your PC and enable USB Debugging in Developer Options if you haven’t already.
  2. Download and install the latest ADB binaries on your PC if you haven’t already.
  3. Open up a command prompt on your computer in the same directory where you saved the ADB binaries and enter the following command to enter ADB shell:

  4. Windows Command Prompt: adb shell

  5. Windows PowerShell: .\adb shell

  6. macOS/Linux Terminal: ./adb shell

Now, enter the following 4 commands one-by-one (After entering ‘su’ you will be asked to grant root access.):


pm enable com.snapchat.android/com.snap.mushroom.MushroomMainActivity

pm enable com.snapchat.android/com.snap.mushroom.MainActivity

pm disable com.snapchat.android/.LandingPageActivity

Enabling by using a terminal emulator

  1. Installs a terminal emulator app - You can use Material Terminal or Termux.
  2. You just need to enter the following 4 commands one-by-one and that's it:


pm enable com.snapchat.android/com.snap.mushroom.MushroomMainActivity

pm enable com.snapchat.android/com.snap.mushroom.MainActivity

pm disable com.snapchat.android/.LandingPageActivity

Please, tell us your thoughts on the new Snapchat UI and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Source: XDA

While everyone is hyped by Note 9 and Fortnite, I found this interesting post in my google feed. It appears that Blizzard made their own lenses and stickers for the Snapchat app.

I was playing WOW for 7 years and quit around 7 years ago but this was definitely an interesting thing to try. These AR stickers became one of my favorites apart from T-Rex sticker available around two months ago.

In order to get these lenses, you need to open this Snapchat lenses code from your phone. These lenses will be available only for one hour so be careful with activation.

For the Horde!

Source Wowhead