Samsungs's latest beta update for their Internet Browser application comes with an updated user interface that follows their One UI launch and its design language philosophy. One UI, already released for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 series, focuses on improving one-handed usability on larger-screen devices by shifting more of the interactive UI elements down at the bottom half of the display while keeping the rest of the additional information at the top part. Pretty smart, huh?

Besides, there is a tiny amount of other changes that can be found in the release notes on Google Play, and here they are:


  • One-Handed UI

  • Smart Anti-Tracking

  • Save All Images

  • Bug fixes and stability enhancements

You can notice the UI changes exclusively in the settings of the browser, where options are grouped by categories into gray sections while the main background color is black whenever the Dark Theme option in your device's settings is on, considering that you are running on Android Oreo 8.1 and newer. It is great to see something like this being implemented.

The second new thing with this update is Smart Anti-Tracking, which should at least, in theory, disable tracking/cookies, enforced by many websites these days to collect user data. You can toggle it on from the Privacy and security section in the settings.

And at last, the Save All Images option highlighted in the changelog shows up whenever you long-press on an image on a site and allows you to download all image files from it at once. This is definitely going to be useful for many people, as it also allows saving particular images too.

Overall, a pretty nice update. I would just like to add to the end that the English translations for the app and its Play Store release notes do include some mistakes and need a bit of extra attention.

Source: Google Play

Today we're going to check out Samsung Internet Browser beta version and the 🍪(cokies) Samsung has baked in.

Let's see the changelog and then we will continue with our traditional report:

  • Improved Download Manager
    • Added a toggle to turn on/off the download confirmation pop-up
    • Fixed a bug with downloading files in the root folder
  • Improved Reader Mode
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

In Settings - Advanced there's an option called 'Confirm downloads'. Basically, what it does is that it shows a confirmation pop-up before downloading a file. It may be useful when there are phishing sites automatically downloading malware apps, or you are on mobile data and you want to wait to download something until you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

There's a completely new 'Reader Mode' with customizable background colors, fonts, and granular text size slider, compared to the stable version, which only supports text size changing.

Now it's time to mention an issue I encountered with the 'Reader Mode'. The problem is that the toggle for enabling it is meant to be shown automatically, but it also lacks support for many websites and it's inconsistent. On one website it works for a page, but it doesn't for other pages. I'm sorry to report that it also doesn't work on TestingCatalog. I'd wish for a manual 'Reader Mode' toggle.

So, that's it. Please mention in the comments section on which websites it doesn't work for you and if you have any issues.