In the latest beta update 3.16.0, Reddit app got a couple of new additions. One of them is the ability to purchase Reddit coins inside the app. Reddit coins are simply an internal currency which you can use to reward posts or comments you like. Simple rewards only shown as badges while other give a temporary "premium access" to the post / comment author.

The Reddit coins page can be simply found in the app drawer. You can choose from a set of different offers where you can buy from 500 and up to 40000 coins.

More info can be found on the official Reddit coins page FAQ


  • You can now buy Reddit Coins and Awards using in-app payments
  • You can now use the Award icon on comments pages to award posts / comments

Apart from that, there are a couple of new additions for chat rooms.


  • Added mod queue chat rooms for subreddits
  • Enabled auto-mute users on joining room

Chat rooms are a long-awaited feature which helps subreddits to moderate the content produced by the community and simplify the communication between members.

New features allow moderators to mute new joiners automatically and to simplify content moderation via new moderation queues.

The official Reddit app is not the only Reddit client on the market and these features (Coins purchases in particular) can become a valuable differentiating point.

If you faced any issues with the update or with the app in general, please join this subreddit to leave a report

If you are looking for alternative Reddit clients to beta test, you can find most of them here or simply by searching for "reddit" on our TestingCatalog.

Which Reddit client for Android do you prefer?

by Alexey S from 31 Aug 2017
31 Aug 2017

Thanks for one of our visitors who shared a link to this app. I was using it for a while without knowing that there is a beta version for it.

They did a good job in terms of stability, many tricky cases are covered and you wouldn't see an app crashing.

I also like it more than all other Reddit clients. You can also find a link to the subreddit for the app beta testers

I am not a member of it b/c you must be invited by the moderators there. You have a chance to drop them a message so give it a try if you want.