If you have never heard of Put.io, it is a different type of a cloud-based service in a way that it does not act as an archiver for your locally-stored files, similar to what other cloud storage services (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, Mega, etc.) do. It is more like "the remote version of the '/Downloads' directory" on your computer/phone because it lets you fetch all kinds of files that you can find on the Internet, and even torrents, on their servers, and later on download onto your own devices. It is helpful at times when you are running low on storage space, links expire quickly, or either the download speeds are pretty low and you do not have enough time to wait.

There is not an official Put.io client for Android to this date, but perhaps, the one built by Steven Schoen features a mildly simple and minimalistic, yet functional design, combined with a decent set of functionality. As an improvement, the most recent beta release for it brings the highly desirable Night mode that we would only hope to see other applications implement along the way. It does include UI enhancements as found in the prior version 4.4.0 update as well.



• Night mode support

• UI improvements


• Minor visual updates

• Minor bug fixes

Put.io as service seems to be worth trying, plus the Android app, even though it is not an official client, is nice. Maybe one day this may be your lifesaver. Also, please, do not forget to join the beta program for Put.io from the links available below this post.

Source: Google Play