Poweramp provides an audiophile-grade sound quality output for most Android devices, yet it is still a music player that packs inside lots of other great functionalities. As new updates become available, additional features get jammed and as is the case with the latest beta, there are a number of fresh ones coupled with the ever-needed set of bug fixes. Let's first check out the official release notes for V3 build 823 and afterwards continue with our regular feature breakdown part.

What’s new

  • Chromecast support
  • 16/24bit, 48/96kHz PCM streaming
  • gapless
  • Chromecast Assistant commands are supported
  • additional track meta info
  • Equ/Tone is supported but disabled by default
  • configurable Chromecast button
  • per list position and per track progress for Playlists and Folders
  • new Ignore Video Tracks option
  • gapless/replay gain support for .mpc (musepack)
  • bug fixes and stability improvements

Chromecast support

Basically, Poweramp now natively supports casting to Google Chromecast-enabled devices, including TVs and more. Additionally, there is an option in Settings - Look and Feel - Player UI for choosing whether the 'Cast' button to be visible on the 'Main Screen' (I am not sure exactly where.), in the 'Main Menu, or both. It can also be hidden entirely if you prefer. Other notable things related are Hi-res PCM streaming and gapless playback mode, all working nicely when casting. You can customize those from the Audio - Output- Chromecast section. Furthermore, there is a switch named 'No Equ/Tone' which can be found there too, and when enabled, essentially, it disables all types of audio enhancement functions built into Poweramp, so you can use your device's sound control software, e.g. Dolby Atmos, Dirac and such.

Hide video tracks

Included is also a setting to hide video tracks, a.k.a. audio from video files, which can be toggled off as it is on by default right from the Library section again in the settings. It will come in handy if you prefer to playback only the sound portions of videos.

These are the new things that are available in Poweramp's build 823 beta update. You can get it by becoming a beta tester for the app (from the Beta section below) or by downloading the APK file from APK Mirror and installing it manually.

Source: Google Play

Poweramp's newest beta release with an exact build number v3-build-815-play (far too long for a version number) is available on the Play Store and brings, just like always, further customizability for its users as well as minor fixes here and there.


  • new Audio / Crossfade, Fade, and Gapless / Preload Gapless Tracks option
  • new Library / Lists options:
  • Album Artist Label for Albums
  • Folders Hierarchy Immediate Root
  • Shuffle All Songs In Folder Hierarchy
  • Delete Action
  • new Look and Feel / Skin / Seekbar Style / Simple Seekbar option
  • long-press on the menu (hamburger) button for fast skin settings
  • new Delete Files button for Playlist/Queue deletion dialogs
  • more new options and fixes

As noted above in the changelog for this particular update, there are numerous new settings entries that have been added to Poweramp. For example, a separate page with lots of options for fine-tuning the Crossfade, Fade and Gapless features has been included. Furthermore, there is also another page this time for lists, accessible from the Interface section. Other than these two, you can find a new Simple Seekbar option in Look and Feel - Skin - Seekbar Style. Turning it on changes the seekbar style in the now playing page to a flat line, getting rid of the graph-like seekbar, which is indeed pretty similar to the one found in SoundCloud. Plus, you can delete files directly from playlists, or the queue itself by long-pressing to select tracks and hitting the 'Delete' button that shows up, which is, of course, a welcome addition.

For those who do prefer stable releases instead, version 3 of Poweramp recently have been made available for everyone and has baked in a completely renewed user interface and much more.

Hoping that you will install this update and find out what other goodies have been put in, best wishes to you and stay tuned for more!

Source: Google Play

Poweramp, being one of the greatest music players ever on Android, is continuously seeking more and more customizability options to offer to its users, so they can get the best accustomed to them experience out of it. The most recent update has a build number 3-build-811 with the following changelog to match:


  • new Background / Enable background option
  • new Library / Store/Restore Per Track Progress + Duration options
  • new Lockscreen / Shorter Timeout option
  • new Visualization / UI Timeout option
  • static waveseek bars color tuned
  • better USB DAC recognition on some devices
  • fixed cue + no track restart
  • translation updates - big thanks to all our Crowdin translators!
  • other bug fixes

Like we mentioned at the beginning of this report, we have gotten again some new options for adjusting, added inside of the settings menu.

Let's see what they are and where you can find them.

  1. Enable background option in the Background settings.

Disabling this turns off the background coloring derived from the album artwork of the currently playing track. As a result, you get a simple and black background.

  1. Store/Restore Per Track Progress + Duration settings in the Library section

  2. Shorter Timeout option inside the Lockscreen preferences

  3. UI Timeout setting in the Visualization options

Of course, this build also includes many bug fixes, enhancements, translation updates and an improved support for USB DACs (Digital-to-analog converters).