Pocket Casts is my favorite podcast app available on Android ever. Earlier though, its user interface was lackluster, but now with the release of version 7.0 for all beta testers, my emotions about it changed completely. The UI/UX became a lot more modernized and at a top-notch level, so here comes time to make other crucial adjustments before v7 finally goes official. The latest beta update with build number 1634 that popped up on the Play Store brings along the following changes:


  • New per-podcast auto archive settings
  • Syncing improvements
  • Date and season/episode number info now available in Up Next
  • Fixed some issues with podcast grid sorting
  • Improvements for smaller devices
  • Many, many bug fixes and performance improvements

Per-podcast auto archiving settings

The general auto archiving options are located inside the settings of the app, giving users the power to archive played episodes after a set amount of time. This release furthermore expands the auto archive functionality by including options for selecting per-podcast channel timings before archiving any episodes. To personalize auto archiving settings for a particular podcast, enter its description page, hit the settings gear icon, and then choose Auto archive. For your information, archiving podcasts in Pocket Casts deletes them forever. So, in my opinion, the name of this feature should be changed to "Auto delete episodes" instead, because the current way that they are calling it may cause unwanted confusion as it is not very descriptive.

Date and season/episode number info in Up Next

The second important addition in the aforementioned update is the displaying of extra data for episodes like release date, season or a number in the Up Next page.

Version 7.0 build 1634 beta also comes with further performance enhancements, plus fixes for UI related and other minor issues. If you would like to test this application, you can effortlessly apply for its beta program running on the Play Store through our website. Please, check out our FAQ for further assistance.

Source: Google Play