Pocket is a must have for those who do not have a constant Internet connection, and yet would like to save stories, articles, videos and so much more to consume later. It supports lots of apps and services, so in other words, works with pretty much every app and website you can name.

Its newest beta update has been out since a couple of days and it packs a feature that may catch your fancy. The version number is and it is available on Google Play with the following changelog to match.


Auto Dark Mode is here! Pocket’s light and dark themes will automatically switch based on the lighting around you. Enable it in Settings. This release also includes design improvements and minor bug fixes.

Okay, to get straight on topic, there is a new automatic theme switching option added into Pocket's settings. When you toggle it on, the app switches between the light and dark theme depending on the ambient lighting around you, not actually the brightness of your display as the description says. To test it out, just cover the portion above your device's display where the needed sensor is located and the dark theme will instantly get enabled. When you uncover it, it will switch to the light one instead.

Other than that one, this release also contains minor fixes here and there, so make sure to update ASAP. If you are not a tester, you can apply from the links below.

Source: Google Play

Pocket is a popular "read it later" app where you can save articles from websites and read them when you are offline or just later. My list is 5 years old and some of my saved articles are totally irrelevant to my current interests but I always have something interesting to read.

As many of you know, Pocket is one of the apps which still have an active beta testing community on Google+. Devs were silent for a while and finally, we got a huge update with many interesting changes.

Full changelog:

It's been a while since we posted here. The team has been heads down on a big update to Pocket for Android, and today we're finally ready to share it with our beta community!

Pocket version 7 has been completely redesigned to feel fresh, clean and modern. New styling, fonts, and iconography all work together to create a design that feels familiar yet new.

In addition, listening has been revamped to include a higher quality default voice and new layout to make it easier to control playback.

The new UI feels fresh and modern. I like the new bottom nav a lot.

The core change was made to the listening functionality. Now, you can tap on the headphones icon on top right and you will see a "music player" UI.

Listening feature

Listening feature was added a while ago and it allowed you to listen to your saved articles with text-to-speech. Version 7 of Pocket beta brought this experience to the new level. Now it feels more like a listening to the podcast and it is really cool.

You can also spot a home button on the bottom nav which works as an app drawer but now it is definitely easier to open.

There are a bunch of social features related to user profiles, following activity and content discovery which existed in the previous version too.


I cannot say that the app became lighter because it takes some time to load after the first launch. However, it has a good caching implementation because after the first use it runs a lot faster and smoother.

The issue I always had with Pocket was related to some articles not being fully loaded to the app. I saw them in the app but after I tried to open them without internet, they were starting to load again. I did a quick test and didn't manage to reproduce this issue in v7. It may take some time to test it properly but it is a good sign in general.

Do you use pocket as well? How often?