Application Idea

  • The problem to solve - the are a lot of countries where homeless pets are in troubles and people are trying to help them on their own.
  • Application goals - the app aims to connect people who took homeless pets in the home for some time and people who want to take a pet for adoption.

Business Value

This app is more a charity project. I think it will be possible to place a donation button which can become quite useful. Donated money can be used for service development and other improvements.

Features Overview (0-3)

  • Use location data to search for nearby pets available for adoption.
  • Adding homeless pets to the database via profile.

There are not that many features in this app which is good b/c it can keep the focus on the main features listed above.

UI Issues (0-3)

The app has a simple material design UI. App drawer menu looks good.

  • [medium] App drawer header has a small icon and a big header element height. There are a lot of empty space.
  • [low] App drawer header doesn't contain any text. There are a lot of empty space.
  • [low] Empty list on the main page doesn't have a call to action.
  • [low] Drawer section "Communicate" could be renamed to the "Communication"

Functional Issues (0-3)

  • [low] Profile and Sign in buttons should open a Sign In fragment instead of showing a toast message.

Crashes (0-3)

  • [critical] App crashes if the user presses Activate button in the Sign In fragment with empty fields.

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot create PhoneAuthCredential without either verificationProof, sessionInfo, ortemprary proof.