Right after we entered the New Year, we came across a brief post on Google+ by a Microsoft employee, who is a part of the OneNote development team and has made a list, which summarizes the five best new features added to the app's Android version throughout the year 2018. So shall we begin with point numero uno?

1. Lasso tool in Ink mode to select, resize and move drawings

The Lasso tool is pretty easy to use and it is automatic too. Perhaps, it can automatically detect a drawing's boundaries, crop it and allow you to move it around, resize it, and so on.

2. Inserting file attachments and PDF printouts

Inserting documents, pictures, and other types of files into a note is a nicee and handy option.

3. Camera improvements

The integrated Office Lens camera has got some attention as well. It now allows for Inking on images, quickly accessing the Gallery from the camera view, capturing photos using the front camera, configuring the shutter sound, and easily selecting a document's boundaries or aligning the crop lines to a document's edge.

4. RTL support

Right-to-left text alignment is favored by many languages, with the most popular ones being Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Urdu.

5. Sticky Notes auto sync

Sticky Notes in OneNote has gained the ability to synchronize your notes with the Sticky Notes app on Windows 10, OneNote on IOS and on the Web, Outlook (IOS and Android) and Microsoft Launcher (Android only.)

Those were some of the more important features that were selected by OneNote's representatives. Tell us if you agree with everything above and what you would like to see to come next. Honestly, we would love to get a dark mode / black mode, but we may have to wait for a while for that.

Source: Google+

One Note beta

Hi there, just wanted to join a beta group of Onenote app and spotted my first issue.

  • Device - Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1
  • Version 16.0.8730.2083
  • Error 0x803D0013

Sign in doesn't work with a @hotmail account. Please check attached screenshots.

My Hotmail account is not used very often and it can be related.

  • Actual behaviour - Application returns unclear error
  • Expected behaviour - the user can log in

However, the guest functionality works fine for me.