NordVPN is a necessity for those users who are highly concerned about their Internet privacy being non-stop under jeopardy, perhaps more so in places that offer free WI-FI access such as cafes, restaurants, etc. VPN services are meant for guarding your sensitive data against getting leaked by hiding your IP addresses and your location. Also, every bit sent and received gets encrypted, so you have the piece of mind that all of your personal information is completely safe.

Betas are our thing, so this time around there is a new one available on the Play Store for NordVPN, which does improve usability and sort out some bugs in the meantime. The build number of this release is 3.12.3 and here comes the changelog for it.


  • Added the Recent Connections section. It conveniently sits below the Quick Connect button, so it’s super easy to jump back to any of your latest connections – just a single tap, actually.
  • You’ll notice the Quick Connect button in all its majesty now. It is more thumb-friendly (=bigger) across the entire app – not only on the home screen.
  • Numbers are displayed in Western Arabic numerals in all languages.
  • Fixed bugs that made a few app sections look not so pixel-perfect.

Recent connections

This newly introduced section lists out all of your recent connections to NordVPN's servers, so you can switch back and forth with a single tap when needed. It sits right below the 'Quick Connect' button, thus being so conveniently placed.

Quick Connect

By tapping this button, you get to start the VPN tunnelling in an instant. To further optimize the user experience for touch screen devices, they have actually gone and made the button a bit larger.

Arabic numerals

From now on, Western Arabic numerals are favoured in all of the supported languages to keep things streamlined across the board.

This NordVPN beta adjusts the UI a little, plus gets rid of some issues, so make sure to install it. Besides, we do have a great discount offer that you can benefit from and protect your own devices.

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NordVPN is one of a kind VPN app that aims to keep you safe from all types of privacy intruders and security threats. It works on all major mobile and desktop platforms and is extremely easy to set up and enable with a click of a button or a tap.

The NordVPN Android team continues to add improvements to the app and the latest ones come in the form of new language support and bug squashing altogether.

Here are the release notes for version 3.11.2 beta from the Play Store.


The app is now available in Arabic! Moonwalking backwards is cool. You know what’s not? The app displayed backwardly because of poor right-to-left support. We apologize our users who had terrible user experience and we’re making the app RTL-friendly with this release. Several weird and rare bugs were ghosting around. Not anymore. End of the story.

This is great news for all of our Arabic friends as the app now works in RTL (Right-to-left) mode as well. It has been greatly optimized but if you notice something that does not look right, be sure to report on the Play Store issue reporting form for beta testers.

You can sign up for testing by following the links in the box below.

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NordVPN provides a virtual private network service that tunnels data to different servers to ensure a secure and safe Internet browsing. It blocks ads and web trackers, unlocks region-specific content, and can do a ton more. The Android app features all of those, plus an extremely easy setup process and a simplistic UI. It also provides additional settings to enable the service when certain conditions are met. Head out to NordVPN's description page on TestingCatalog to learn more.

From the beginning targetting mainly tech-savvy people, just like other VPN's, but NordVPN is now switching gears to make its services available for everyone. The major new change is the discontinuation of their partnership with PayPal because they have got to a point where they have the resources needed to use a self-hosted payment processing solution. Doing like so has its benefits like a reduction of security-related risks as well as having more control.

The NordVPN-Adyen partnership

They have recently announced that they are partnering with Adyen, one of the most popular payment providers in the world. By switching to such a self-hosted payment system they are going to have greater flexibility and from now on users will be able to have a seamless purchasing experience, instead of getting redirected to PayPal each time. The main and most important benefit here is that soon NordVPN will begin providing new region-specific payment options by supporting a broader variety of credit/debit cards, which will increase the accessibility to users worldwide. They may also be able to lower the prices, as they are cutting off "the middle man", i.e. PayPal.

You can get NordVPN by clicking the link below.

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