MSN News by Microsoft has over 1 million installs on the Play Store and an overall rating of 4,3 stars, making it one of the best news reading applications for Android. Its most recent update that started rolling out to all beta testers on December 22 is supposed to make it even better in terms of usability. How? You may ask. By adding a user-customizable option to choose between three different layouts that are going to be used for displaying articles in the News page.


Check out the new layout feature: Standard, Compact, and Text-only.

While setting up the application for the first time, users will get asked to choose a layout that suits them the best. Of course, if they would like to, they can always switch to a different mode at a later time. To do that, they will have to go into the settings of the MSN News, tap on the gear icon in the bottom navigation bar and select one of the three layout modes that are available:

  • Standart

The standard layout displays large text and images, but limits the number of articles displayed on a page to just a couple.

  • Compact

Enabling this one makes all visual elements smaller in comparison to the standard layout, thus cramming much more information on a single page.

  • Text-only

The last layout mode omits to show any sorts of images, so it is the most one compact out of all.

If you would like to test this version of MSN News on your Android phone or tablet, you can join its beta testing program through our website. Additionally, you can throw an eye at our Help page for extra tips regarding testing and the way things work.

Source: Google Play