Microsoft To-Do is a simple and beautiful task planner and at the same time a note-taking application. It works in tandem with Outlook, so you can access your tasks and reminders in whichever app you are in because everything is being synced up automatically. The only thing you have to for this to work is to sign in with the same Microsoft account on both apps.

That aside, the main reason for this report is that a new beta/insider build is now available on the Google Play Store for To-Do. It adds one useful feature and some general improvements all around. The exact version number of this build is 1.50.7638.Insiders and below is the official changelog for it.


Hello all,

We have released a new version of Microsoft To-Do Insider for Android (1.50.7638). These are the changes included:


  • Attach any file type to a task


  • Support more family emojis


  • Accessibility: Announce focus moved to Add Task edit box
  • Accessibility: After dismissing suggestions For Today is not announced
  • Accessibility: Announce members list size only if there are members
  • Accessibility: Announce checkbox properly when multi-select mode is activated
  • Accessibility: Announce shared lists in sidebar
  • Crash in Routine Reminders and Search

As always, thanks a lot for using the Insiders version, and don't hesitate to give us any feedback!

As you have already read from the title and the release notes, Microsoft has added support for file attachments into To-Do. To attach a file to a task, hit the 'Add a file button', select 'Device files' to browse your internal/external storage and chose a file, or select 'Camera' to quickly snap a picture. You can add multiple files and delete some at any given time too. This will give you the opportunity to have greater amounts of data about a task, and thus let you keep things easily accessible and better organized.

Other than that, there are numerous bug fixes and optimizations included. Be sure to give the app a try if you have never used it and let us know your opinions about it in the comments. Those who want to apply for beta testing Microsoft To-Do can do so from the box right below this report.

Source: Google Play

Yep, there has been a Dark theme in the To-Do app for a while now, so if you have not noticed before, we will tell you how to enable it and what it persists of. It has been improved in version 1.43.7617, released for beta users and here is the changelog for it:

We’ve continued to polish Dark theme support in our widget. With this update, we’ve added rounded corners and checkbox colors.

This update also includes accessibility improvements with several fixes for TalkBack support.

We’ve continued to improve performance with several crash fixes.

Dark theme

To switch it on, open the app, tap on the hamburger menu key on the left, touch the profile avatar image to enter the settings and select Theme. Enabling it changes the primary background color to #1F2428, which is similar to Google's Material Blue Grey 900. The primary text color is white, while the secondary one is a variant of grey. The accent color stays the same as in the Light theme - #3C4989 - indigo. Nothing creative to be found though.

Adaptive icons

Looks like Microsoft has added adaptive icons support for those who are a fan of it, and it is works on devices running Android 7.1 Nougat and above, plus with many third-party launchers such as Nova Launcher and Lawnchair on older versions of Android too.

To be honest, this theme looks very pleasing to the eye, but where is the "Black theme" for black lovers like me?