The most preferred job hunting service at the moment - LinkedIn - is apparently working on launching a brand new and highly useful feature.

Discovered by our all-time favorite Twitter leakster Jane Manchun Wong, in the Android build of the official LinkedIn app is a handy new privacy setting currently in development. Looking at the description of the said feature, based on user-selected commute choices, it is going to pick the most suitable job recommendations for you.

LinkedIn app on Android got an open beta a while ago and this is a short guide on how to get there and what to expect. First of all, LinkedIn is one of the top growing social networks in 2019. Microsoft did a really good job with their developments in order to make LinkedIn the best content platform in the b2b sector. While they're not that many UI changes, their new organic reach algorithm was changed a lot.

This is not just a network for job seekers and recruiters anymore 😎