As it is April 1st today, the Internet space is going crazy with all sorts of jokes and pranks around. Logically, the Lawnchair Launcher team has also hidden something inside the most recent 1056 alpha build of the app, which by the way, you can grab from their Lawnchair - Releases channel on Telegram. Back on topic, on this date, the app has been set to switch its typeface to the old-school Comic Sans, which has initially been intended to be used for writing children's books, so you get it, right?

The initial alpha-984 build with support for Sesame was dropped out just a couple of days, but the current most up-to-date build is alpha-1001. Note that to enable the Sesame Shortcuts integration, you must have its version 3.3.0 installed. Also, do note that Sesame has a full unlimited trial period, though after 14 days it will start showing up pop-ups asking you to make a purchase worth a couple of dollars for activation.

With the continuous stream of alpha builds for the upcoming launch of Lawnchair Launcher version 2 that is yet to come as a stable release, the developers are doing their best at squashing every tiny bug that may occur and they are optimizing the app to comply with the changes that Google introduced with Android Pie and its revamped navigation system, home screen and recent UI combo. The most up-to-date version of Lawnchair is alpha-721 and brings the following improvements/fixes:


  • Added blur and dark theme to dock search bar
  • Added Kelvin temperature unit
  • Improved toggling blur
  • Fixed crash during app installation
  • Fixed keyboard input in color picker
  • Fixed broken app suggestions
  • Fixed weather not displaying for negative temperature

If you would like to enable the experimental dark search bar option, head into the Search section inside its settings and you will see the respective option for it at the very bottom of the page. Note that toggling the switch does not take effect every time. The next new option is using Kelvin as a preferred temperature unit, which you can turn on right from the Home widget page in the settings again.

Alpha builds for Lawnchair are being officially released on the Lawnchair v2 builds channel on Telegram, so be sure to subscribe to it to get notified when a new build is up.

Source: Telegram

Lawnchair v2 is in the works and we got many alphas to test. I am personally testing it on my Huawei P8 and I'm looking forward to the official stable release. Here's my two cents:


Simply amazing! The Pixel Launcher style is my current favorite and Lawnchair does it even better. There are some things I'd like to see implemented and I am going to mention them later in the review.


Here I have some problems. My P8 on Android 6.0 is fast enough but I'm seeing too many dropped frames when switching between the home screen and the app drawer. It's not so prominent on LOS 14.1 on my phone. Maybe it's an Android thing. Also, the About section in the settings is very laggy. Otherwise, everything else is fine.

Bugs / Force closes

  • The "At a glance" and Pill widgets preview in the settings doesn't register any changes.

  • Lawnchair crashes when the Accent color option is pressed. Here is the log: Logcat

  • Crash when Notification dots is selected: Logcat

  • Crash in the About section when you tap on a contributor's name: Logcat

  • If the Black or Dark theme is on, a black background and dark status bar icons are being shown when entering the settings. Later, it switches to the corresponding themes UI.

Feature requests

I have some feature requests and if added, I can make the switch from Nova Launcher Prime to Lawnchair, more precisely, a gesture to swipe up an app icon/shortcut on the home screen to open a different app or a shortcut.

Here are some other requests I have:

  • Dynamic clock and Calendar icons support
  • Separate app drawer grid size settings
  • Custom accent colors with HTML or RGB values support
  • Uninstall app shortcut in the pop-up menu showing up when long pressing on an app icon/shortcut/widget
  • Custom app drawer background color and Google search bar color settings
  • Import settings from other launchers
  • Fully transparent nav bar in the app drawer - I don't like it being semi-transparent.
  • Set any page as a default home screen, with keeping the order set by the user

Overall, Lawnchair v2 is going to be one of the best launcher apps available on Android and by every new update, it impresses me even more. I hope I will win the competition.

PS: I would like to see Bulgarian added on Crowdin so I can translate the app.

About the app:

The app is ok, I like the user interface and the new look and most of all I like that I still have the options from the first one and I haven't come upon a bug since my past week of using it.


doesn't have app lock feature but good experience overall, I would recommend this as the best launcher to anyone and I also made a YouTube video about it a few days ago

The famous Lawnchair Launcher got plenty of updates from the last time we reviewed it when the latest version was alpha-317. Yesterday, version alpha-370 was released and we are going to cover the highlights from the versions in-between.


  • Fix crash in the gesture app target selection (by Till Kottmann)


  • Add Google Feed gesture handler (by Till Kottmann)
  • Default legacy icon treatment to off (by Till Kottmann)
  • Add Back Button gesture support (by Till Kottmann)
  • IconPackPreference UI refresh (by Till Kottmann)
  • Fix misaligned blur when returning from Google feed (by paphonb)
  • Support launching app shortcuts from gesture (by paphonb)
  • Rename home widget string so it isn't overshadowed by translations (by Till Kottmann)
  • Add support for IconPack Quick apply and heavily improve icon pack application (by Till Kottmann)
  • Add dt2s using device admin (by David Sn)
  • Run icon search after completed loading everything (by paphonb)


  • Apply the accent color to the search icon

Some great additions are the double tap to sleep gesture and the settings for the back button. There is also an option to apply the accent color to the search icon, but it's not available on our test device.

As you might already know, we had some issues with version alpha-317 and the force close bug in the About section we explained here still persists. This time we were able to capture a log using Lawnchair's log collector, and here it is:

Lawnchair bug report 29 Jul 2018 14:46:19 Lawnchair version: 2.0-370-ci-alpha (370) build.brand: HUAWEI build.device: HWGRA build.display: GRA-L09C109B379 build.hardware: hi3635 HUAWEIGRA-L09 build.manufacturer: HUAWEI version.release: 6.0 version.sdk_int: 23

Error: Uncaught exception

--------- beginning of stacktrace android.content.res.Resources$NotFoundException: File res/drawable-v21/abc_dialog_material_background.xml from color state list resource ID #0x7f080017 at android.content.res.Resources.loadColorStateListForCookie( at android.content.res.Resources.loadColorStateList( at android.content.res.HwResources.loadColorStateList( at android.content.res.TypedArray.getColor( at

That's a wrap for today. You can read our guide on how to get Lawnchair Launcher alpha and beta versions from this link. If you have any issues with Lawnchair's alpha releases, please, do report them here.

How to get Lawnchair Launcher v2 alpha & beta

  1. Join the LawnchairCI Telegram channel Lawnchair Cl.
  2. Tap on the pinned post.
  3. Download and Install the *.APK file from the pinned post

The popular Pixel Launcher fork called Lawnchair Launcher is under preparation for a version 2.0 release. Version 1 was quite famous due to it packing the same Pixel style UI with lots of customization options in tow. Now the goal is to bring the Android P launcher user interface to all users including some personalizations. Keep in mind that not all features from v1 are available in these alpha builds, but they are going to be added gradually.

If you have any issues or feature requests, you can submit them on Lawnchair's official Google+ group or the Telegram group chat.

Don't forget to visit Lawnchair Beta page on TestinCatalog and hit the like button. On the same page, you can find all the recent changelogs for Lawnchair Launcher which are coming from Google Play and the Google+ community.

At the time of writing, the latest available alpha release carries a version number alpha_317 and there are some issues with it on my Huawei P8 running Android Marshmallow (6.0). Please, check out the screen recording.

Bugs and issues

  • The animation to open up the app drawer is laggy.
  • If you tap on any contributor's name, the app restarts.
  • Icons for app shortcuts are missing.

That's it for this time. Do you use Lawnchair alpha? If you do so, please, report on Testing Catalog, if you are facing any issues with it.

I just installed Lawnchair app version 2 alpha. This is an app for customizing the android launcher. In version 1 app is having features like hiding app, changing app labels, app shortcuts and a very good Preference settings screen in which we can set preferences for UI and functions. However, a new beta version of the app comes with a lot of improvements in both UX as well as functionality.

What is new in version 2 alpha

  • Preference for displaying Google search bar on Dock and App Drawer.
  • Managing grid size on the desktop.
  • Hide app preference on app shortcuts.
  • Preference for showing app suggestion in the top row of App Drawer.
  • Displaying Google app on left on the main home screen.
  • More control on touch gestures.

Main changes we can notice in UX of Lawnchair version 2 are in the way activity shortcuts (settings, widget, wallpapers) displaying on long press of desktop, which is a great user experience and less space consuming. And another noticeable change is in the position of Google search bar at the glance of the desktop to Dock.

Version 1 stable

Version 2 alpha

More control on settings

Most of the features in settings of alpha version 2 are providing more control to the user for setting his own preferences to the launcher. And developers managed to bring more than one action to single unit. For example, in desktop settings, there is an option to set a number of rows and columns which are two different actions in the version 1. But in version 2 they managed to bring it under single action called grid size in which user can set both values.

Additional controls in the app drawer

While coming to app drawer there is a search bar for searching apps in version 1. But in version 2, the app is providing preference to either show the search bar or Google search. And there is another preference to show or hide app suggestions which will automatically show some apps on the top row based on the user interests

Additional controls in dock

Dock settings are also providing additional control to users with more preferences like to display Google search which was not available in version 1. And here developers also managed to bring multiple features for customizing dock into a single item called Dock style in which we can set the style of the dock.

Features added in version 2 alpha

Following are some of the new additional features I found in version 2 beta which is not in version 1:

Gesture controller in settings

One of the new functionality which I found in version 2 is gesture control, as in the user can select an action from a set of actions like open app drawer, open notification panel etc.. which should be executed on some gesture actions like double tap, swipe etc.


Preference item in app shortcuts

There is one more item added in app shortcuts of all application named as Preference, which will open a bottom dialog with a switch button to set the show/hide preference of the application. What I feel about this functionality is in later updates developers are planning to bring more app related preferences into this shortcut.


Google app on left swipe of the home screen

If we swipe left from the home screen it will take us to Google app which will be having google search bar on top as well as news as list cards and some other user personalized information.

Small Bugs

Even though the app is performing well in most of the new features. But I found a small issue while changing the icon scale and enabling the full-width widget in Desktop settings.

Bug 1

When we long press on desktop an activity shortcut will appear in which we can select Home settings. The popup for shortcut has to be dismissed after selecting one. In all cases, it is dismissing other than if we do any change in icon scale in Desktop settings. So when you come back from settings screen the popup remains and when we long press on the screen again another app shortcut popup will appear and it can go on in the same loop.


Bug 2

This is also related to the same action. After changing the icons scale it is taking too much time to load the home screen again. This may be due to the rendering of icons. So what I think is if we have a large number of applications, this waiting time can increase exponentially. Sometimes it ended up in force closing the application.

Lownchair released a new update which made Lawnfeed crash (screenshot). Apparently, this is a known issue and developers are working on it.

However, this update includes an update for the Snowfall feature. It is the second advent (the second Sunday) today and it is the best time for it!

I was working on another test report today, but after seeing this changelog I decided to postpone it and do this small feature overview.

What is Snowfall - it is a snow animation on your home screen! and since this update, you can customize a frequency and the size of it. You just need to open a launcher settings menu and enable it. I didn't check a battery consumption yet but maybe I will add this info later.

Enjoy the snowfall!

Some update context

What's New

Happy 2nd Advent! Changelog since last release:

  • Fixed translations for some languages
  • Added more options for snowfall

Tweet us screenshots of your home screen setup on Twitter with the hashtag MoarSnow to @lawnchairapp and share some love to @divadsn for bringing the snowfall feature for you. (Actually, we initially thought it would be a dumb idea)

This is my favourite launcher now.

This time I just want to report a small bug.

  • Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Android 6.0.1
  • Lawnchair version: Beta
  • Lawnfeed version:

Description: Interface blinks a couple of times when HOME button is pressed in Google Now.

Steps - open Google Now - press HOME button

  • Actual - Interface is blinking
  • Expected - Launcher should have a smooth UI transaction

However, I didn't check if those versions are compatible which might be the case.