Instagram is a leader when it comes to the amount of different A/B tests they are running. During this month we spotted more than 10 different small features that were enabled to a limited amount of users and even more of them leaked from reverse engineers.

We published all of them in our @socialapps aggregator channel where you can find them by #instagram tag and in this article I want to list all of them in one place.

Giving a wide range of different news I split them into "Feature requests", "Leaks", "A/B tests" and "Rollouts".

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, is known for proving constant updates to the user interface of its Android app. Now that they've got dark mode out the door, they are focusing on other usability improvements.

Discovered by a Twitter user @Satyam_sinha, the Instagram app has got a freshly redesigned UI for the DM section that is currently in testing.

Instagram shared an announcement on Twitter about the public availability of their new global sticker against online bullying. It seems like a follow up to the post by the Instagram team from July 2019 where they committed to "lead the fight against online bullying"

In the recent Alpha update, Instagram app got the ability to become dark whenever system-wide dark mode is active.
A system-wide dark mode is a new feature of Android 10 and many apps already supporting it (many, but definitely not all, Gmail is still A/B testing it on a limited set of users). The system-wide dark mode is also getting activated automatically when the user enables a battery saving mode.

It has been a month since our last Instagram leak summary, so the time for a new one has clearly come. We have gone overboard trying to find as much nitty-gritty stuff over the Internet regarding upcoming feature additions and UI updates that are expected to come out to the Facebook-owned social media app. Remember that all of these are just leaks and they may not make their way into the release versions at all.

Instagram has been the one platform where all important personas reside, like influencers for example. For that reason only, a new "creators" feature has been in the works since last year by the Facebook-owned company to better accommodate them. It will offer extra perks such as in-depth analysis over their follower audience, filtering DMs, and more. Thanks to @wongmjane, there are early screenshots of this feature in the wild that let us take a sneak peek of what's to come. Please, continue reading.

In the past two to three weeks juicy leaks about Instagram have plummeted on Twitter, all thanks to top leaksters like @wongmjane and @MattNavarra. According to their findings, many new user interface refinements and additional features are being tested internally by the company's developer team. Therefore, without any further delay, please, have a look at our brief feature list which contains the most exciting stuff we all shall see pretty darn soon with future updates to the app.

As you have probably noticed, every now and then we are coming up with monthly sets of exciting feature releases combined with leaks for selected Android apps. Our latest contender is Instagram, and all courtesy of @wongmjane, here are some changes and additions that we may start seeing soon.

  • Ability to revert to older usernames

If someone changes his/her username, their old one will not be usable by any other account until 14 days pass, so you can revert if you have to. This should put an end to the username grabber bots sniffing around the web, as noted by @wongmjane.

  • New camera UI

This renewed camera interface includes a reduction of the number of main camera modes available. They have been brought down to just three as following: 'Live', 'Normal' and 'Create.' Further changes can be spotted as now all three of the so-called modes have sub-modes displayed in a rainbow-shaped layout, which mimics the exact way DSLR camera mode switchers work. The 'Normal' mode gives you access to effects like Superzoom, while the 'Create' mode houses text and sticker options.

  • Tweaked lyrics layout

Instead of using the Aveny-T font, Instagram is planning to switch to the system default typeface, so if you do not like the current one, there you go.

  • Effects profile tab

Being tested is a new separate 'Effects' tab in the profile section, which does show each user's stories with AR effects applied.

  • Redesigned posting page

A different section inside the Instagram app that seeks a makeover happens to be the post creation UI, with categories in the gallery displayed as cards and hashtags beneath, plus an aspect ratio changing toggle for pictures that you can hit before posting.

  • Yet another profile layout remake

This new layout looks very simple and elegant in comparison with the currently used one, so they should give it a go.

  • In-call video and story co-watching

This feature has clearly been changed from Facebook's Messenger app, which provides a similar thing called Watch Party.

  • Search for people in the 'Likes' list

Apart from the hidden stuff on Instagram, they have actually released a 'Checkout on Instagram' feature. It is currently in beta and available to only US-based users. You can learn more about it from the official Instagram Info Center announcement post.

Please, visit our website daily for more reports of this kind and do not forget to enable push notifications by hitting the blue-colored bell icon in the right-hand corner.

Credits: Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane)

If you have issues with Instagram on your Android device and you were looking for a way to get them sorted out, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to guide you how to report bugs for the Instagram app. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Go to the 'Profile' page and tap on the three-dot button at the top right.
  3. Scroll down until you find 'Report a problem'.
  4. From the pop-up menu select 'Report a problem' again.
  5. Briefly explain the issue you are facing, or faced and add screenshots if you have any.
  6. Tap on the checkmark icon to send the report.

Make sure to include as much detail about the problem as possible in your report. Information like the kind of phone or tablet you were using and what you were doing when the problem occurred may help too. Also, do not forget to join Instagram beta and upvote the article.

UPDATE: This feature is now available to everyone!

In the recent Instagram v60. I received a new nametag button to my profile page. It looks like a barcode scanner icon and it is located next to the archived posts icon on top.

Check this guide on how to join Instagram Alpha or Beta if you want to get new features earlier.

After clicking on that button you will pass through the several steps tutorial with feature usage tooltips. This tutorial also looks like a new approach for the Instagram app which comes from the Facebook app. Previously they were mostly showing new features via highlighted stories.

This tutorial says:

1/3: Friends can scan your nametag to follow you

  • Similar to the Snapchat's snapcode, you can scan photos / screenshots or real life screens with someone's nametag to see their profile page.
  • It makes it easier to share your nametags in other social media as images, so other people can just scan them to follow you.

2/3: Choose a nametag style above, then tap on your nametag to customize it.

  • The button on top is a 3 states switch which is set to "color" by default.
  • You can choose between "color", "emoji" and "selfie" options.
  • This setting allows you to customize the background picture of your nametag.
  • By tapping on the middle of the screen you can choose between different colors, emojis or selfie stickers.
  • The set of colors is very limited 😕
  • You can choose any emoji you want and them will become repeated on the background
  • If you will make a selfie, it will be repeated in the background in the same way.

3/3: Tap here to scan a nametag, or press and hold on a nametag using the story camera.

  • The button on the bottom will open the camera.
  • There will be a gallery button on the top right corner where you can open a photo or screenshot with a nametag to be scanned.
  • After scanning a valid nametag you will see a profile page. It will display a profile pic and profile name. It also looks like there is a place for profile description but in fact, it is empty.
  • Scanned profile page will have a "view profile" button. I would also add a follow button right there because it makes you click one more time to follow someone.

All nametag Instagram feature screenshots

I would expect your story feeds to be filled with many nametags very soon. It also opens a new opportunity for profile advertisement. Many people will start to recommend other people's profiles they follow. In the time back when snapchat introduced snapcodes feature, many communities became spammed with people's snapcodes causing a massive load on social media servers. Funny story but snapchat beta community in Google+ was deleted by Google because of that.


I also faced a couple of issues with this new feature. The process of sharing nametag to your story may stack and you will need to reopen the app. Additionally, the scanned nametag page looks a bit unfinished now. It misses a profile description field and a follow button.

Closing words

You may find many of such nametags already by searching for #nametag tag in Twitter or Instagram.

P.S. In the recent Alpha they also removed a button to share Instagram story to the Facebook story. I will miss it :P

Did you get a nametag feature already? Follow TestingCatalog profile with nametag from the screenshots above!