In the first live keynote for I/O 2019, Google went on with a plethora of news regarding the Google app, which combines the Assistant with their bread and butter - Search. Some of the most notable announcements made by the CEO Sundar Pichai are the addition of AR/3D models to search results as well as tons of speed and usability enhancements coming to the Assistant.

The Google app gets plenty of updates in the beta release channel, sometimes even daily, and with the past dozen updates there were numerous features and changes leaked. But there are none of those here. Instead, here are tiny improvements and yet somewhat helpful ones. Below is the changelog posted on the Play Store, and after that, we will go one-by-one and explain each bullet point.


  • Use voice commands while navigating – even when your device has no connection. Try saying "cancel my navigation" "what's my ETA?" or "what's my next turn?"
  • Weak connection? If your search fails, the Google app will deliver you results once you regain connection.
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues with more helpful error cards when your search fails because your device is offline.
  • New customization options available for cards in Discover.

Voice commands while navigating

If you are a Google Maps user, then this is for you. Voice commands for navigation will work, despite the times when there is a connection loss while driving, or walking. You can ask questions like "When is my next turn?", "What is my ETA?". Sending text messages, setting timers and alarms, and calling people are possible too.

Search results

Imagine that you are offline and you want to search for something. You can do it now. After a working Internet connection gets established, you will instantly be served with a notification, selecting which will show you the results for your previous search.

More helpful error cards

If Wi-Fi and mobile data are disabled while you are performing a search through the app, the improved error cards will remind you to connect to a network, or if there is a different issue, they will give you leaps better tips for troubleshooting. By the way, the colored icons in those cards look pretty.

Customization options in Discover

Recently, Feed was re-branded as Discover, and as a follow-up, we got some very good personalization options for it. By touching the 'Customize Discover' button from the three-dot menu in Discover, you get to follow topics of interest, which will be displayed on your news feed, and manually configure settings for notifications about some of them, e.g. stock updates.

That is it for this time. Be sure to stay tuned for more insights alike.

The Google app is one of the essentials for an Android user, giving access to services like Google Feed and Assistant. Because TestingCatalog is a place meant for beta testing and reporting bugs, we are going to give you some tips on how to make better bug reports and particularly for the Google app. With that said, here are some very useful tips we prepared:

Think of a bug report like a good tweet: You want it short, sweet, and to the point.

  • Title: The title should be like a summary of the issue.
  • Environment
  • Device: Which device are you using and its specific model/variant?
  • OS: Which version of the OS the issue occurred on?
  • App version: What is the exact version number of the application that you are testing?
  • Connection type (if applicable): Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or cellular data? What is the speed of the connection?
  • Reproducibility Rate: How many times have you been able to reproduce the error, using the exact steps you’ve taken to activate the bug? It’s also useful to report how many times the bug has been reproduced vs. the number of attempts it’s taken to reproduce the issue, in case it’s an intermittent occurrence.
  • Steps to reproduce: Please, list each and every step in an order.
  • Expected result: What should happen when you trigger the call-to-action?
  • Actual result: Here’s the result of the bug. Does the application crash? Does nothing happen at all? Is an error displayed?
  • Proof: Any pertinent screenshots, videos, or log files should be attached. If the issue requires steps to trigger the bug, then a video is required. If the bug is, let's say, a minor UI issue that is always present, then a screenshot will suffice. Logs are also required no matter the issue.

How to report bugs for Google beta

  1. Open the app.
  2. Navigate to the settings by tapping on the menu button on the far right at the bottom toolbar.
  3. Select 'Send feedback'.
  4. Describe the issue according to our tips and hit 'Send' at the top. It automatically sens screenshots, logs, and device info.

How to become a beta tester for Google app?

If you have other useful tips, please, share them with our followers in the comments section, or on our social media accounts.

Subscribe using the opt-in URL

  1. First, you need to visit the Google app beta page on TestingCatalog and tap on the green colored 'BECOME A TESTER' button at the bottom of it.
  2. When you get to the Android App Testing for the Google App, you will see a button with the same 'BECOME A TESTER' label. If you have already been signed in, you'll be able to select it.
  3. Also, don't miss to like the Google beta page on TestingCatalog to get the latest news regarding it.

Subscribe using the Play Store

  1. Search for "Google" on the Play Store or visit this link on your phone. It will redirect you to the info page for the app.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page to the 'Become a beta tester' section, and then tap the 'I'm In' button.

How to leave the beta program

To leave the beta program, you have to select the 'Leave the program' button on the web sign up page or the 'Leave' button within the Play Store.

The Google app is deeply integrated into Android. It provides many features like the Google Feed which is accessible from a lot of launcher apps, e.g. the Pixel Launcher. The app also enables the Assistant and Now on tap on Android devices running Android 6.0 and above. By installing the beta you get all of the latest features and improvements Google is planning on releasing. Also, be sure to check out the update reviews and reports from our daily reports blog at TestingCatalog.