Google Maps for Android was updated recently to v10.2.1 and got a new changelog. This is not a very common case b/c most of Google Maps updates don't have any information about new features.

What was updated?

Google Maps team highlighted a new search functionality which allows you to search for EV chargers in the area around. Here is the full changelog:


Thanks for using Google Maps! With this release, you can now search for EV charging stations on the map – so you can be confident that your car will be charged and ready for your ride, no matter where you’re headed. Become a beta tester:

Now you can simply search for "EV chargers" (I also had this search query as a suggestion) and you will see Electrical charging station icons on the map. Additionally, you can see opening times and other local details. This feature sounds very useful for Electric car owners.

This change is most probably not the only one but it was the only highlighted one. Did you spot any others?

Google Maps version 9.88.0 beta comes with two noteworthy changes and some minor design tweaks here and there. Courtesy of beta_previewer, we got some pretty early glimpse of a feature that is going to make it's way to the stable release of the app.

Group planning (Shortlisting)

Shortlisting is a new and better way of planning visits/events. By making a shortlist, users can share their plans with friends and family to let them know about any future group visits and get everyone's vote. In the meantime, adding a place can be done by a long-press. If votes suggest the removal of a place, then that is possible too. Also, setting a custom shortlist name is included as an option.

Design changes

  • A new button to access Map type and the Map details

Google has added a new button, which lets users change the Map type and Map detail settings on the fly. It is positioned right below the search bar and above the directions icon. Tapping on it shows the following three map types: Default, Satellite, and Terrain. Also, the map details can be set to Transit, Traffic, and Bicycling.

  • Updated Google Earth logo in the side menu

  • New icons with outlines from Android Pie

On a side note, the Group planning feature is only available for some selected users, so just be patient, until you get it.