Flick Launcher is available on the Google Play Store as an unreleased app, so it is not very stable at the moment. But for those who are looking for something different, it is for sure a great alternative because it packs a ton of unique features on top of the Pixel Launcher look and feel. With that said, keep in mind that some of these features do require you to purchase the Pro add-on.

The latest update released by Flick's developer comes with the following changelog and a version bump to 0.3.0 Beta 331, after the previous beta 330 release, with its most notable improvement being the added support for Spanish.


  • Added an option to search for hidden apps in the app drawer.
  • Added an option to search for all hidden apps in the app drawer by typing your password (PRO).
  • Improved widgets.
  • Improved hiding apps - You need to select your hidden apps again.
  • Fixed security and notification issues.
  • Fixed a crash related to gestures when the target app has been uninstalled.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

As you have already read from the title, there are two new functionalities added - one for free users and another one for Pro user. The first one of them allows you to see your hidden apps by typing their names in the search bar inside the app drawer, whereas the other one shows all of them when you type in your password there.

To hide apps, go to the Flick Launcher's settings by holding down your finger on an empty space on one of the homescreen pages, and of course, select Settings. Then navigate to Security and choose 'Hide your app'. Then hit the checkboxes on the right side of every app name to hide it. To unhide, just do uncheck. To enable the searching functionality to show hidden apps enable 'Show hide app on drawer' and to use the other one, where you see all of your hidden apps by typing your password, turn on 'Show hide app on drawer using password', and bam!

After upgrading to Beta 331, do not forget to re-add your desired apps to the list with hidden applications.

There are many bugs ironed out too with this one, so make sure to install this update and stay tuned for more reports like this.

Source: Google Play