If you have noticed, we have not mentioned the "Go" word anywhere in the title of this article. Why? Because the formerly known as "Files Go" app has indeed been rebranded as just "Files", plus it has gotten a complete UI redesign, which borrows some visual aesthetics from Google's other apps for Android, thus opting for a nearly colorless look, with white backgrounds all over the place. These design choices do actually resemble the Material Design 2 guidelines, also known as Material Theming. All of these radical changes can be seen in version 1.0.220185905 stable and above of the Files app, and here is the official changelog confirming them, released on the Google Play Store:


  • New app design
  • Minor bug fixes

Starting from the action bar, the app name is now laying exactly in the middle of it, right next to the app icon. Cards throughout the app have been updated and they have even rounder edges and use action buttons with bolder text and matching icons. A third separate tab for sharing has been added too because this is one of the key features of the app. It lets you share files between Android devices without requiring a working Internet connection.

There is a new side panel included with your device's name that is being displayed while sharing files (it can be edited), information about how many friends you have helped to (by sharing the Files app with them), the amount of space saved and the number of your share recipients. This panel houses the button to access the app settings, something very important, and it has been changed up quite a bit like the other aspects of the user interface. We do actually have a new icon without the "Go" moniker to accomplish the rebranding and everything, I guess, looks even more minimalistic.

As we have already heard by Google, gradually, they will be adding a dark mode to all of their apps as they did with YouTube and others, so we may certainly see it in Files pretty soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Source: Google Play

The Files Go Beta app by Google has been an extremely simple file manager, with the focus being on cleaning unused files and junk to free up space. With version 1.0.219550556 some very useful additions came in that will benefit Android users with devices supporting microSD cards.

Version 1.0.219550556

Improvements to file management:

  • See all storage devices and browse full file system
  • Move files to SD card
  • Create new folders, move or copy files

You can now manage files on SD cards and USB sticks with the latest version of Files Go Beta, compared to earlier versions where writing on an external storage device was impossible. To see all of the connected storage drives to your Android device, go to the 'Browse' tab from the bottom bar and tap on the three-dot menu. From there select 'Show storage devices' and after that, at the bottom of the page, you will get to see them and browse inside.

Moreover, now there are options to create new folders and move or copy files from one storage device to another and on the same device too. To do these, just long-press on a folder or a file, or select multiple ones, hit the three-dot menu and choose 'Move to', or 'Copy to'. Then, browse the storage device you want and at the top of every page, you will see an 'Add new folder option', while the 'Copy here' and 'Move here' buttons will be at the bottom center.

Looks like we got some pretty much long-awaited features finally knocking on our doors. Thanks, Google for listening!

Files Go, launched this year, is Google's take on creating the perfect file manager application, with all the basics, and some extras too.

One of the most eye-catching features of this app is file sharing between Android devices, which also doesn't require a working internet connection. Instead, it uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct to do the file transfers. The thing which differentiates our beloved operating system from other competitors (e.g. IOS) is the freedom of sharing and installing apps from outside of the dedicated app store (Google Play Store in our case). But this also has risks like installing malware or adware to our systems. To overcome these security threats, Google came up with Play Protect.

Play Protect is baked into the Play Store - Play Services combo and regularly scans apps for any harmful behavior. This is a great step in the right direction, introduced back at Google I/O 2017 and came to life in parallel to Android Oreo's launch.

In Files Go you will not be able to see any visible differences, but knowing that there is a housekeeper on your phone/tablet, who makes sure everything is safe and secure, adds up to the experience. The update including Play Protect scanning has version number 1.0.214808935 and should hit the shelves soon.

Tell us your thoughts on Files Go's sharing feature and what can be improved in regards to it.

Files Go is a file manager made by Google aiming to help you free up some storage space by deleting unused files in the easiest way possible. The latest update to Files Go comes with a version number 1.0.204059739 and brings some new features and design changes. The official changelog is the following:

  • New Share tab added for even easier file sharing with others. Also enjoy faster offline sharing with speeds up to 490 Mbps - For this, it creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, so there is a direct connection between two devices.
  • File extraction is now supported.
  • Clean tab will now help you to clean up videos.

Seems like it's a bit limited in terms of features. They should add file browsing like other file manager apps and maybe some other features. What do you wish them to implement? Please, let us know in the comments.

by Alexey S from 10 Nov 2017
10 Nov 2017

Files Go Beta

Files Go Beta is a NEW beta app from Google which was released recently. I would suggest joining the beta here b/c google beta programs could be limited by a number of beta testers who can participate.

What is this app about? First of all, it is a GO app. As it was announced on the Google I/O 17, those apps are optimised for the low-end devices. Secondly, this app solves one of the most painful problems for such devices - storage cleaning. I recently heard from the Google Chrome Dev conference about the research which Google did and according to that - people with low-end devices spend tons of their time by cleaning their devices to free up some space. Actually, my wife has a high-end device and she is doing the same thing 😃

There are a lot of apps in the play store with the same feature set. The difference of this app supposes to be in optimisation for the low-end devices. Cannot check that, unfortunately [...thinking of buying a low-end device...]


  • Material design! Not a real feature but a good UX
  • Storage space overview
  • Cleaning suggestion cards. This is a very nice example of good UX. The app guides you to do things and it gives you an ability to adjust what you are doing
  • Files sharing. Didn’t really check that one. It turns your Bluetooth automatically without switching it back after sharing.
  • Files browsing. A quite simple browser with sorting and thumbnails mode.


  • After cleanup animation at the bottom has a low res quality on large phones. Screen
  • Checked cards can sometimes stay on the list and the user should refresh the screen to make it go away.

App hangs after unused app uninstalling if the phone went to sleep during this process

  • Frequency: once
  • Steps - open app - find “clean uninstalled apps” - choose several apps from the list - press ok - press ok on the pop-up - wait until phone will go to the sleep - wake up the phone
  • Expected - uninstalling process is finished, the user can close the view with a cross button
  • Actual - uninstalling process is finished, the app doesn’t react on user touches.


11-10 09:24:23.290 3920 7845 D SSRM:n : SIOP:: AP = 350, PST = 388 (W:24), CUR = 11, LCD = 140 11-10 09:24:23.330 3920 4541 D InputReader: Input event(1): value=1 when=253657181609000 11-10 09:24:23.330 3920 4541 D InputReader: Input event(1): value=1 when=253657181609000 11-10 09:24:23.330 3920 4541 I InputReader: Touch event's action is 0x0 (deviceType=0) [pCnt=1, s=0.34549 ] when=253657181609000 11-10 09:24:23.330 3920 4541 D InputReader: lastThreadEndTime = 253656711479521, currentThreadStartTime = 253656711483521, diff = 0 11-10 09:24:23.330 3920 4540 I InputDispatcher: Delivering touch to (28574): action: 0x0, toolType: 1 11-10 09:24:23.330 28574 28574 D ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage processPointer 0 11-10 09:24:23.395 3920 4541 D InputReader: Input event(1): value=0 when=253657252429000 11-10 09:24:23.395 3920 4541 D InputReader: Input event(1): value=0 when=253657252429000 11-10 09:24:23.395 3920 4541 I InputReader: Touch event's action is 0x1 (deviceType=0) [pCnt=1, s=] when=253657252429000 11-10 09:24:23.395 3920 4540 I InputDispatcher: Delivering touch to (28574): action: 0x1, toolType: 1 11-10 09:24:23.395 28574 28574 D ViewRootImpl: ViewPostImeInputStage processPointer 1 11-10 09:24:23.395 28574 28574 I cud : Cancel progress clicked 11-10 09:24:25.610 3920 4524 V AlarmManager: Expired Alarm result :4

Did you find any other issues there?