Xiaomi's File Manager app is simple to use and beautiful in regards to looks. It comes pre-installed on all devices running their proprietary MIUI software and is available on the Google Play Store as well, allowing it to be installed on every Android phone, no matter who the manufacturer is. As a bonus, and perhaps the reason we are covering it is that it has an ongoing beta program and a new test build has been released to all early adopters. The version number this time has been bumped up to V1-190128 and with are being brought some major improvements to the in-built 'Cleaner'.


Thank you for using File Manager. We keep improving and optimizing our app to make it better and more convenient. Here's what we've done in the new version:

  • We moved Deep clean to a more convenient place.
  • Cleaner works and looks much better now.
  • We fixed some bugs as well.

Okay, as we mentioned already, improvements have been focused mainly towards the included 'Cleaner' feature. It now has its own separate page and can be switched to quickly from the tab bar below the action bar, or either by swiping to the left. It houses a couple of sections, which do display files that you may want to delete, such as application data, big files, APKs and so on.

The new cleaner page looks nicer and is much simpler. The only thing you are being left doing is tapping the 'Clean up' button and you are good to go.

Note: *Cache files are needed for applications to load faster, so deleting them may slow your device down temporarily.

You can join File Manager's beta from the links below and be the first to try out the latest features Xiaomi adds.

Source: Google Play

File Manager is another piece of Xiaomi's broad collection of apps that are available on the Play Store for devices others than theirs. This one is pretty simple to use but still functional enough. It can read all kinds of documents, archives, images, videos and so on. Other than managing files, it also supports offline sharing in conjunction with their Mi Drop application and has a built-in junk cleaner, if you need it. Its most recent non-beta update arrived with a build number v1-181224 and is ready to download.


Thank you for using File Manager. We keep improving and optimizing our app to make it better and more convenient. Here's what we've done in the new version:

  • You can rearrange frequently used items at the top of the start page now.
  • Search results are categorized now.
  • You can see app icons on some folders now.
  • We adjusted the position of the shortcut that appears when a USB device is connected.
  • It takes less time now to delete files.
  • We also made some minor UI improvements.

To be honest, by looking at the first bullet point in the release notes, it references an option for manually rearranging frequently used files at the top portion of the start page, though, without a doubt, I could not find a single clue about how it works or what it does. But rest assured, the categorization for results in 'Global search' and the feature where it displays app icons for some folders are present and do function properly. Those are not very significant additions but on the other side, combined with the forementioned speed related enhancements, it is safe to say that this version is worth giving a shot at.

To apply for testing, hit the blue-colored 'Beta test on Google Play' button down below and then follow the instructions. If you have any issues, please refer to our Help section, or feel free to leave a comment instead.

Source: Google Play