In the recent Facebook Pages Manager beta v I noticed a new type of posts called Lists! I cannot say for sure if it is a server side feature or not, but I got it in the recent Beta update from Google Play. This post option will have a "new" label on it which is used by Facebook to highlight new features (I like it very much 😁). I was lucky that I wanted to share a small guide about "how to join Snapchat beta" which was a perfect fit for this type of posts!

After choosing the list type you will see some list of suggestions from Facebook like "my goals for 2018", "places to visit" and so on. Alternatively, you can also create your own list. I didn't check if there is a limit on a number of steps which you can add. Additionally, you can also pick a colour for your list (there is no yellow for some reason).

This addition will help brands and individuals to share useful information in a standardized format and it will let Facebook know what type of content is it. Also, viewers of this post can make their own lits from yours with one button. The last thing - this type of posts cannot be boosted.

Apart from this post type, there might be some changes in the nav bar. I noticed a new tool tab on the right side but I cannot say if it is new or not.

What do you think about Lists? Drop a comment below 📲

What's new in Facebook Pages Manager version beta? Just like Google, Facebook doesn't seem to provide us with changelogs. Thanks to the Instagram user @beta_previewer, we are going to dive deep into the latest features Facebook is working on.

Here we go:

  • Accessing Page Settings is much easier now. The button is at the top right corner compared to the previous version where it was at the left. App Settings are now moved to the Phone Settings page.
  • The Settings are now categorised as General, Page Options and Help and Feedback.
  • There's a new Promotions button in the Page tab, which can be used to create new promotions or manage the existing ones. So, there are many helpful and customisable options for promoting your pages. Yay!
  • Improvements on the Insights page like: listing posts depending on their engagement level and a brand new Page Activity feature, which provides additional information such as New Page Likes, New Followers, Clicks to your Website, Phone Number Clicks, Get Directions Clicks and Page Button Clicks.
  • A new tab called Tools for creating events, managing ads and more. There are three categories: Sharing Tools, Business Tools and More Apps.

Facebook has to put a lot of work on this app, because the current version is at around 70 MBs and after installation - ~400; and it's still a web-wrapper, kind of. The design looks boring and even strange. I would like them to implement Material design 2 in the future.

That's a wrap guys. Let us know about the things you like and dislike about Facebook Pages Manager in the comments section below.