Facebook Messenger recently introduced a special Star Wars-themed features that include a chat theme, stickers and lenses. All of them are available for everyone already and below you can find our quick tips on how to get them.

Excited, we are, to celebrate the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, by giving fans the opportunity to share their passion for the movie through a series of limited-edition Messenger features that include a chat theme, reactions, stickers and AR effects.

From Facebook Messenger Blog

Following the leaks about the ever-wanted dark mode support inside Facebook's instant messaging app that will come shortly, this time there is something else added to chat threads and is available with the most recent Play Store update. The particular release version that it is included in has come out on March 18 with a build number It is certainly a stable release and has the following release notes attached in Google Play's 'What's new' section.

What’s new

In this update, you can now see your friends' Messenger Stories right inside your chat thread, and they can see yours, too! Messenger wants you to build better, more meaningful conversations with your friends and family.

As you have already gotten the idea, there is a new a tiny shortcut, or a bubble, per se, that is getting shown in chat threads. It promotes new Stores shared by your friends in between your messages, just to let you know and, perhaps, push you to start new conversations. This feels like another planned act of trying to make Stories part of everyone's daily social lives.

With dark mode's appearance and the whole UI overhaul thing, Messenger has finally started doing the right changes it has been in need for so long. Also, showing pop-ups about new Stories is, for sure, a smart move to increase engagement between Facebook users.

Remember to join Messenger's beta program from the form below to have the ability to try out all of the latest and greatest builds of the app in advance.

Source: Google Play