As opposed to Facebook, there aren't that many recent news about Messenger, but we still have some things that may grab your attention. As always, all of the info is courtesy of Jane Manchun Wong who is a passionate leaker and the best one in the business.

Following the leaks about the ever-wanted dark mode support inside Facebook's instant messaging app that will come shortly, this time there is something else added to chat threads and is available with the most recent Play Store update. The particular release version that it is included in has come out on March 18 with a build number It is certainly a stable release and has the following release notes attached in Google Play's 'What's new' section.

What’s new

In this update, you can now see your friends' Messenger Stories right inside your chat thread, and they can see yours, too! Messenger wants you to build better, more meaningful conversations with your friends and family.

As you have already gotten the idea, there is a new a tiny shortcut, or a bubble, per se, that is getting shown in chat threads. It promotes new Stores shared by your friends in between your messages, just to let you know and, perhaps, push you to start new conversations. This feels like another planned act of trying to make Stories part of everyone's daily social lives.

With dark mode's appearance and the whole UI overhaul thing, Messenger has finally started doing the right changes it has been in need for so long. Also, showing pop-ups about new Stories is, for sure, a smart move to increase engagement between Facebook users.

Remember to join Messenger's beta program from the form below to have the ability to try out all of the latest and greatest builds of the app in advance.

Source: Google Play

Messenger is still very popular among instant messaging app users, despite Facebook's own WhatsApp taking a huge piece of the cake in regards to popularity this past couple of years. The reason behind the former holding its pace is that it has tighter integration with Facebook and benefits a ton from that.

All of that aside, there is finally a long-long-asked feature inside Messenger - dark mode (or black mode, which is even better.) Previously, it was possible to enable it with root access and such, until they finally decided to hide an easter egg in the app lie Snapchat did and here is how it works. Simply, all you have to do is send a crescent moon emoji (🌙 - this one in particular) to anyone in a chat and you will get a pop-up saying that you have found dark mode, so you can go ahead and enable it from the settings. The funny thing here is that immediately after sending the emoji, moons start raining, or bananas, I would say. But back on topic, by performing this very same action, I was able to get dark mode to work, no issues so far, but in case it does not work for you, you may need to long-press on the moon emoji and Bob's your uncle.

Dark mode combined with Facebook Messenger's recently rolled out radical UI redesign makes up for a great chatting experience overall. Keeping in mind that it has gotten simpler and prettier, kind of, makes up for the huge data breach scandal we found out about last year.

I sincerely do hope a similar black mode gets implemented in all apps because I am a fan, but it looks like that is going to stay a dream for quite a while. Let's wait and see when Facebook makes it available for everyone.

Via: XDA Developers

The new Messenger redesign, known as Messenger 4, has just started rolling out to everyone, but unfortunately, it had been switching back for some. Actually, a lot of users on the Internet are reporting that on their Android devices Messenger has already reverted to the old interface for an unknown reason. It apparently happens because of a bug, or the rollout was not planned for this large of an audience, but it should come back soon enough.

Features in testing

  • Selfie Mode

Facebook Messenger is testing Selfie Mode, which is the same as Portrait Mode that is shipping on many smartphones released in the past two, or three years. This mode does two things - Skin Softening and adds a Bokeh blur effect.

  • Voice Assistant in video calls

An Assistant button is showing up in the video call screen, next to the other ones. We do not have much info about the things the Assistant in Messenger can do, or cannot do, but it will probably be able to answer questions and control your calls. I guess that we will have to wait for its official launch for further details.

  • Two Text Effects

An empty Effects tab in the Messenger app has been previously discovered and positioned right between the GIFs and Emojis tabs. Now Facebook has added two fancy text effects there. We covered it partially in one of our previous reports titled "Facebook is testing a new UI, Dark Mode and Voice Assistant for Messenger".

  • Redesigned Switch Account UI

  • Additional row of extra buttons at the bottom

To house the extra buttons for games and such, Messenger may add a separate row at the bottom in the chat pages.

  • Grid layout for Stories in the People tab

  • Watch Party

People in groups can watch videos together. Everyone can see who is watching and can control the video. By starting another video, you will get asked if you want others to be notified about joining you.

Messenger 4 was received well by many, but the switch to a fully white interface with no Night Mode has been annoying to a lot of users. Though, it should come pretty soon as promised before.

Credits: Android Police, Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane) and Ananay Arora (@ananay_arora)

This week there were some pretty important leaks about the new UI overhaul which is coming to Facebook Messenger for Android, revealed by the talented leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who you can find as @wongmjane on Twitter.

This article includes information about:

  • A new user interface
  • Dark Mode
  • AR Stickers
  • Emoji reactions
  • New actions
  • Photo Effects
  • "Add friend" pop-up

To begin with, the new interface looks very different compared to the current one. Some highlights are the white action bar-status bar combo, the bold titles and the improved Assistant UI, which now has its own shortcut in the main page. It is positioned next to the camera and the new message buttons on the right side, while the user avatar has been switched to the left side, and below are the search bar and the Stories bubbles. The Assistant page has also a large button to start giving voice commands and whenever you talk, there is an animation like on Google Assistant, while now the Assistant has the ability to recognize your friends’ names. It is supposed to make its debut with the launch of a home device by Facebook, but there is no other info about it for now. Another noticeable difference has to be the bottom panel, where the number of the tabs has been narrowed down to just three.

The best thing coming with the new interface is for sure the Dark Mode, which we all are a fan of. Though, we can safely call it Black Mode here, because the app background is black. Great stuff!

The changes are not limited to just the UI, as there are a couple of new features/additions we have to mention, which are coming to chats. The first one is AR Stickers, followed by emoji reactions, and Nudge and High Five actions, joining the old Wave action. Other than these, there are the new Effects, which are face filters that you can send to the one you are chatting with, and when he/she/they click(s) on them, it opens the Facebook camera with the filter already applied. Cool!

There is also a new prompt in testing, which asks you to send a friend request to people who you are talking on Messenger.

Guys, these are all in testing, so you all will have to wait for the official release, which no one knows when will happen. So, be patient!