Some users may see a new highlight on the Facebook app after opening which introduces new changes for Facebook pages inside the Facebook app. These changes were triggered on a server-side during the night. It is not clear yet if they are available for all users or just for a limited amount (like Facebook Page owners) and in which countries. For now, we can only say that there was a new release wave and it affected users in Germany.

In October we got a couple of new scoops from @wongmjane on Twitter about recent internal tests in Facebook app. Revealed screenshots show new UI elements for Stories and Facebook Pay

Here we are with a new TestingCatalog-special summary list of Facebook-related leaks gathered by Jane Manchun Wong. This month under preparation there are so many new interface refreshes as well as hidden features, all exposed by the famous reverse-engineering guru. Please, have a look.

Collections are a Facebook feature, which lets you save and categorize content, e.g. photos, videos, events and so on, directly from the Feed by allowing users to create their own ones. This is useful when you do not have time to read or watch content from a post, which is indeed very important to you, then you can save it for later.

This is a server-side feature but you can increase your chances to get it by joining the Facebook Alpha testing program.

Here is a short guide for saving a post and adding it to a collection.

  1. To save a post, tap on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of a publication and hit 'Save post' / 'Save product' (in groups).

  2. To access the 'Saved' page, select the menu button (three bars) in the far right of the toolbar and scroll down a bit until you see it.

  3. If you want to create a new collection, hit the blue 'New collection' (with a '+' sign in it) button. Also, when adding an item to a collection, there is always an option to make a new one.

These are the basics of this feature, which is indeed useful for those people, who save recipes for meals, anecdotes, manage multiple social media accounts, etcetera, so, this allows them to better sort content. There are endless possibilities to name a collection, being it content dependent or just something random. You can also sort content in the 'Saved' tab by the following 6 types: Links, Videos, Photos, Not in a collection, Unopened only and All.

I guess, this is it for this time. Please, leave us a comment saying what collections you have made, and see you!

If you have joined the Facebook beta program on Android and you have some questions, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to answer some of the most asked questions about beta testing, and for Facebook in particular.

Let's start with the first one:

How do I keep up with the updates?

You can get automatic updates for the app through Google Play, or manually download and install APKs from APK Mirror. If you want to see also some detailed info about changes and new features, you can regularly check our TestingCatalog news for update reports and subscribe to our weekly newsletter.

How do I report bugs?

Feel free to read our guide explaining "How to report bugs for Facebook beta on Android", which is applicable for the alpha too.

How can I submit a feature request?

If you have suggestions about a specific Facebook feature, you can fill in their "Give us feedback about a Facebook feature" form.

How often will I see new features to test?

They typically release new features once a month, but often only to a small subset of users. If you do see new features, know that they are in active development and might not work perfectly.

Why don't you roll out new features to everyone in the beta at once? When will I get access to them?

Releasing new features to small groups of beta testers allows addressing specific issues and bugs as they arise. The order and way that they test new features depend on a variety of things that change rapidly, so it is impossible to give ETAs. For your information, turning on auto-updates to receive the latest versions as soon as they arrive is a great way to increase the chances that you'll see new features earlier.

A feature I liked disappeared! Where did it go?

They deactivate features sometimes to test specific bugs. You can help to figure out what isn't working by sending a report. Also, some of these features may return in the future but may be completely different in terms of looks and functionality.

What will I get in return for bug reporting?

Each month there are posts that are being published on the Facebook Beta for Android page with special thanks to bug hunters, who have found some pretty nasty ones and made very detailed reports about them. So, it is not about the number of issues found, but more about consistency and staying in touch with the developers to help them sort them out.

Some users were logged out recently. After opening the app they may encounter a new login screen. Now it shows all your Facebook accounts in the list, plus there are options to log in with a new account or find yours. Every account also has a drop-down menu to manage saved login data stored on the device. Here you can remove a saved password, saved account and turn off logged out notifications.

Server-side test changelog:

  • A new design for login screen was enabled
  • Voice suggestions feature for the account creation flow was enabled

Facebook Alpha v192. update

  • App crashes after login if the above server-side test is enabled

This change is most likely a server-side test rolled out recently. This test also comes with an additional feature for the account creation flow. Now you can get voice instructions by tapping on the speaker button on every screen during the account creation flow.

This server-side test also doesn't work very well with the recent Alpha version.

09-26 11:34:20.144 27380 27482 E AndroidRuntime: FATAL EXCEPTION: ComponentLayoutThread SelfStoryRectangularPogRootComponent

The app keeps crashing after the login screen. Crash logs reporting about an issue with round profile pics for stories.

Did you get a new log-in screen already?

Facebook is the most popular social networking app today, and the posts are maybe the most used feature. We will dive straight into how posts work, what the extra settings do and more.

What are posts?

Posts are like news articles - they contain text, images, videos, GIFs, location data, hashtags/etiquettes and more in a mixed format.

What are the customization options for Facebook posts?

Basically, there are more than a dozen options and settings you can change. Here is a list:

  1. Privacy - Decide who can see your post - everyone, your friends, some friends, or only you.
  2. Album - You can add a picture or a video to an album.

Add to your post

The 'Add to your post' menu accessible from the bottom left has many formatting and content integration. Here are all of the options (Some of them may not be available for you):

  1. Lists - You can make custom lists with numbers or bullet points and change their background colors. There are some popular lists with topics like "My favorite foods", "People I love" and many more.
  2. Photo/Video - You can add photos and videos to your post instantly.
  3. Tag Friends - Tagging is basically saying that you are, you were with, or the post is about that special person/persons.
  4. Feeling/Activity/Sticker - This allows adding specially curated emojis and stickers related to the topic. You can express your feelings and describe your activities with ease.
  5. Check in - Shows your current location.
  6. Camera - Lets you take a picture or a video right from the Facebook app.
  7. Go Live - Starting a live chat has never been easier.
  8. GIF - You can insert a GIF.
  9. Background color - You can choose a background color for your post. It's handy if you are going to quote a persona because it gives the vibe that you are going to tell something wise.
  10. Tag Event - You can tag events, which you are going to attend and want your friends to join, maybe.
  11. Poll - Yeah, this one is useful too. You can ask your audience to help you decide on something, who knows what.
  12. Ask for recommendations - If you are in an unknown place, you can ask people to recommend you a restaurant, a hotel, and such.
  13. 360 photo - Yes, you can take 360º photos.
  14. Support Nonprofit - You can support charities and non-profit organizations.

Let's wrap things up. These are all the options in the Facebook's posting page and the things you need to know about them when creating a post.

Previously, there were rumors about Facebook working on a rival for Tinder. Now we got some evidence too. Some people have reverse engineered the latest APK file and have been able to enable the dating service. It's stated that it's available for US Facebook employees only.

Required info when registering

When registering, Facebook Dating will ask you for your gender and your preferred partners gender identity. Btw, It acquires location and age info. Seems like for now it collects only a limited amount of data about its user, maybe because it gets it from users Facebook accounts. We're sure that it will ask for more personal information in the future.


One of the features which are going to be launched with Facebook Dating is called "Conversation Starter". It's going to be similar to Tinder's "Groups" where it gives you recommendations about mutual communities. It is going to give suggestions about people with whom you have mutual friends and things in common. In addition to that, you can attend and meet some potential datemates.

Deleting a Facebook Dating account

Deleting a Dating profile is supposed to take up to 90 days, and it's stated that it won't delete the messages you sent to others. It will make your profile invisible as soon as you hit the Delete button.

In the past couple of years, Facebook got stale and boring, as many of the new users are elderly. Also, Instagram's boom is one of the reasons they are trying to come up with something fresh and it looks like their plans may succeed. Are you looking forward to Facebook Dating and will you use it? Please, tell us in the comments section below.

You can use these instructions for joining Facebook Alpha program. If you will face any issues with Facebook app, you can report them with this tutorial about How to report bugs for Facebook beta. Additionally, you can also follow Facebook insight reports on TestingCatalog.

Credits: @wongmjane on Twitter

In the latest Alpha some users may see a new button on the Profile page which says:

Discover people who you have mutual friends or things in common with

It leads to the Discovery page (which is different from Friends suggestion tab). Discovery page 🔥 looks very similar to Snapchat discovery page and it has two sections: What's New and People with things in common.

Unfortunately, this feature is a server side and it disappeared after the next app opening.

Additionally, some users may see a new Voting feature for comments on Business page profile. Source beta_previewer

Did you see these features already?

How to report bugs for Facebook beta

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Open the 'More Options' menu in the top right corner and scroll to the bottom
  3. Tap on 'Report a Problem'
  4. Choose the area that best fits with your issue
  5. Give as much detail in the description as possible

How to report bugs, if you can't open the app

  1. First, try to reinstall the app.
  2. If it still doesn't work, you can report on this Facebook page.

As you already know, Facebook for Android has a beta program available. Due to the popularity of the app and the variety of Android devices, bugs may occur. That's why we will give you more tips on how to format your bug reports. If you want to become a Beta tester you should check Facebook Beta page. Alternatively, you can also follow these instructions to join the Facebook Alpha program.

What kind of details should I include?

  • Note your device, the version number of the app, and if you are using a custom ROM.
  • Does the issue happen every time or sometimes?
  • Is this issue repeatable? Let them know the steps.
  • Does the issue happen in all areas of the app?
  • If you change related settings, what happens?
  • Troubleshoot! If experiencing an issue related to a crash, always try a re-install and let them know if you have done it.
  • Include a screenshot or a video, if possible.

If you are lost because of the many different versions of the app, you can always check the version history of Facebook on TestingCatalog.

So what should a good bug report look like?

Here is an example:

Photos are not loading when I click on them. Instead, I get a black screen but can navigate back from it. This only happens with photos on comments and nowhere else. I am using version on a OnePlus 6.

When will the bug I reported get fixed?

Some issues may take longer to address than others.

But my app has the report I filed as closed and I still see the bug!

This means the team has flagged the bug internally and is working on it. While investigating the bug any information you provide on new updates, even if it's reporting the same bug, will help the team resolve the issue.

Here you can find an official page which might change in the future.

How to become an alpha tester for Facebook on Android

  1. Join the Facebook for Android Alpha Testers Google group to become eligible to test the alpha version of the app.
  2. Go to the Android App Testing for Facebook page.
  3. Click on the blue colored 'BECOME A TESTER' button.
  4. Download Facebook from the Play Store.
  5. Make sure that Auto updates are on so that you can get the latest available version.
  6. Don't forget to like Facebook alpha on TestingCatalog.

Facebook is the current most popular social network and their Android app has over one billion downloads on the Play Store. The alpha program that's currently running is aimed at enthusiasts like us at Testing Catalog, who want to use the latest features available - as some people say: "The latest and greatest". That's why today's guide is on how to become a Facebook alpha tester, to help the developers improve their app before an official release to the masses.

The developers of the Facebook app are releasing almost daily updates for the alpha testers.

Note: You are not allowed to distribute alpha releases of the app unless you are allowed to do so by the developers.

Alternatively, you can also use the TestingCatalog Android app to become an alpha tester for Facebook.

How to leave the alpha testing program

  1. Go back to the Android App Testing for Facebook page.
  2. After that click on the 'Leave the program' button.
  3. Leave the Facebook for Android Alpha Testers group.

If you are an alpha or beta tester already, hit the 'thumbs up' on our Facebook page and if you have any questions, please, leave them in the comments below.